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Arm lock from Turtle Guard Eduardo Telles

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Arm lock from Turtle Guard Eduardo Telles.

Butterfly Trap: Kimura From “Turtle Guard” by Eduardo Telles

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Butterfly Trap: Kimura From "Turtle Guard" by Eduardo Telles

All the Turtle Escapes

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Lessons to help you learn how to safely escape from the turtle. Another week of knowledge at Renzo Gracie Online Academy.

Shawn Willians: The makikomi roll for escaping the turtle position

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Shawn Willians: The makikomi roll for escaping the turtle position

Jean Jacques Machado: The Turtle Position

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Master Jean Jacques Machado covers defensive concepts from the turtle position

Rolles Gracie and the turtle escapes

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Rolles Gracie and the turtle

Wrestling Way of Reversing the turtle position with 2016 Olympian Talgat Ilyasov

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Talgat is a wrestling coach, amazing grappler and teacher. True story: After 1 year of training BJJ he entered and won the black belt division at the Abu Dhabi Trials in Australia, then went on to lose to Claudio Cal...

Concepts For Defending the Turtle by Travis Stevens

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Concepts For Defending the Turtle by Travis Stevens.

101 Turtle Position Fundamentals – Robert Drysdale

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Multiple-time Jiu JitsuWorld Champion and ADCC Absolute Champion, Robert Drysdale demonstrates the fundamentals of Turtle Position.

Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery – Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery by Eduardo Telles

Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery -Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Master Eduardo Telles has some great insights for you

Turtle & Octopus Guard – Eduardo Telles

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Introduce some nice variety into your guard game

Sit out step out

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Effective escape from the Bottom of the Turtle position

Countering from the Turtle position

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Amazing dynamics and details on how to sweep your opponent from the Turtle position.

How to Escape the Turtle and Get Safely Back to Guard

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BJJ World Champion Brandon 'Wolverine' Mullins teaches an escape to get you out of the turtle position.

Sit out from Turtle – Wrist Control Elbow Block

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Here's a quick sit out from bottom position when an opponent has back control with no hooks. The sit out requires wrist control and elbow positioning to pull off effectively.

Turtle Escape & Shoulder Lock Combo

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches a basic rolling escape from the turtle position, and how to connect it with a shoulder lock.

Turtle Sweeps, Reversals, Return to Guard

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  Renato Migliaccio shows some nice ways to get out of the turtle.

Single-Leg Counter to Reverse Triangle- Leo Vieira

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  Checkmat BJJ leader, Leo Vieira, shows a slick counter for the single leg after the sprawl.  

Judo Turtle Attacks for BJJ

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  Mike Lee ( and Stephan Kesting ( teach attacks from, and against, the turtle position at a seminar in downtown Vancouver (at

19 BJJ Positional Escapes in 11 Min – Turtle, Headlock, Cradle, Crucifix – Jason Scully

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  Detailed videos will be on - In this video Jason Scully shares final part of his 4 part positional escape reference series. He demonstrates Turtle Escapes, Headlock Escapes, Cra...