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Kimura from Side Mount: the Three Most Common Errors

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  The Kimura armlock is a bread and butter attack in grappling. Here are the three most common Kimura mistakes, and how to fix them. By Stephan Kesting from

Judo Sidemount for BJJ

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  Mike Lee ( and Stephan Kesting ( talk about the Judo inspired tweaks for sidemount (Yoko Shio Gatame) to pin a big opponent. Filmed during a seminar in downto...

Control and Submit Bigger People from Sidemount

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How to stabilize the sidemount on bigger people and then submit them. From the Takedowns & Top Position Gameplan app for iOS & Android With Brandon Mullins.

Josh Barnett Shows Metamoris Sub vs Lister

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In this video Josh demonstrates the infamous (or now famous) scarf hold chest choke that he used on Dean Lister, forcing him to submit and ending the streak of 16 long years where no one had been able to do so. For...

THE VAMPIRE CHOKE New BJJ technique created by Garcia Amadori

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Garcia Amadori demostrates a new variation of the "North-South Choke",recently developed at the MMA ATLETICA BOXE Association in Milan- Italy

Pressure Side Control- Joe Moreira

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Invisible Jiu-Jitsu: Side Control- Henry Akins

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Unique Set Up to Triangle from Kesa Gatame- Brad Wolfson

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Soulcraft head instructor, Brad Wolfson, demonstrates a triangle choke from kesa gatame.,

Lapel Choke from Side Control- Rodrigo Totti

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Nice option from side control.

Side Control ‘Demoraliser’ + Choke- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Demoraliser + Choke.

3 ways to take the back with the Kimura

3.82K Views0 Comments This video shows a few ways of taking the back with the kimura. The figure four style armlock used with the Kimura is incredibly versatile and can be used in all sorts of positions. In this video ...

Super Painful ‘Pillow Choke’- Josh Hill

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A very painful option to choke your opponent from side control or north south.

Kesa Gatme Arm Trap to Gear Shift

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Highly effective move, which will help you on your path to unstoppable if drilled correctly and often.

BJJ Maintaining Top Side Control Tutorial

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Learn how to effectively maintain the top Side Control position and improve your game, because right now there is someone out there training how to escape it.

Lapel Transition to Back Control

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Amazing lapel drag transition from Side control to Back control!

Shortcut from Side control to Mount

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Gabriel Fedor shows a great shortcut from Side control to Mount.

Yoko shiho gatame — Judo Newaza by Master Kashiwazaki (8th Dan)

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Master Kashiwazaki (8th Dan) shared some great details on the side control and some really amazing concepts you absolutely cannot miss.

Kesa Gatame Tutorial

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Martin Spencer explain in detail how to hold the Kesa gatame.

Catch Westling Executing the Crucifix Tutorial

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Qin Yunquan, Singapore National Wrestling Athlete is here filmed giving a tutorial on how to execute the crucifix position.

Knee on belly with hand pin

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Sometimes as you are trying to maintain dominant side control even transitioning to knee on belly can be difficult. Here's an alternative method to maintain control

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