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How to DEFEND the North South Choke!??

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Some basic defense to the north south choke by creating a frame and turning on your side. I also show another cool way to choke your opponent back and forcing them to release their choke. Check out the details and y...

How To Transition From North South To Mount

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How To Transition From North South To Mount by David Morcegao.

Bernardo Faria’s Superior North South Escape

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Bernardo Teaches How To Escape North South When Opponent Has Over Under - This is one of the toughest moves in BJJ to escape but 2015 Weight and Open Class Champ Bernardo shows you how to do it..

Luta Livre Way of Escaping the North South- Nicolas Renier

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Luta Livre black belt and 6x ADCC vet Nicolas Renier of NR Fight Academy in Paris, France shows a wicked escape from North South inspired by the armdrag.

Making The North South Choke Work For You

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BJJ black belt Mike Zenga shows the details for his north-south choke.

Choke into Back Take – BJJ After 40

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  Dope choke that leads to a sweet back take    

Hatchet Choke- Jamie Jara

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MMA Fighter and BJJ black belt Jamie Jara shows a brutal choke from North South.

Kimura to Choke/Back Take- Leo Queiroz

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North South Escape- James “300” Foster

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James "300" Foster, 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, shows a great north south escape.

Kimura Defense from North South- Ricardo Cavalcanti

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