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The Real Berimbolo – Mendes Bros Jiu Jitsu

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The Berimbolo got highly popularised by the Mendes Bros. Check out this video where they give crucial details about the technique they master like no one.

How to Berimbolo 1: Paulo and Joao Miyao vs Standing Opponents Compilation and Highlights

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Watch Paulo (and Joao) Miyao Berimbolo their competition! Compilation and highlights of the Miyao brothers taking the back of standing opponents.

Phil-em-bolo: “Old School” Berimbolo by Phil Migliarese

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A variation of the berimbolo (before it had a name) with the hand in the collar.

Berimbolo to armlock

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Very slick armbar that will leave your opponent wondering how did it happen

Omoplata Berimbolo

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The Omoplata Berimbolo is fast, slick, brutal yet elegant, and Andris depicts this in painstaking detail

De La Riva Sweep To Back Take

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Sweep from the De La Riva Guard with an alternative Back Take when you cannot finish the Berimbolo

Matheus Spirandeli – Bottom Half Guard To Back Take

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Matheus Spirandeli shows a back take from the bottom Half Guard which can be done even when your opponent already dominated your head and has your back flat on the ground

Rafael Mendes – Armbar from the berimbolo

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Here you have a solution for when your opponent blocks your berimbolo spin to the back. With a few simple steps, you can set up a crafty arm bar attack.

Lapel Toe-hold (foot-lock with a gi)

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Ouch, that looks painful and tight

How To Do The Berimbolo The Easiest Way

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Stephan Kesting teaches how to do the Berimbolo the easiest way. An important technique to know if if that's not part of your game

Omoplata Setup from Berimbolo – SBG Idaho

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Coach Brad Bentley of SBG Idaho  shows a omoplata setup from berimbolo

Berimbolo ( Twister Hook / Leg Drag ) – Paolo Miyao

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Berimbolo from double pull guard using the Twister Hook to take the back.

10 variations from the berimbolo position – Espen Mathiesen

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 Espen Mathiesen is Brown Belt from Norway he's done a study of the Miyao bros previously and now he brings this fast clip that explains 10 variations from the berimbolo position       ...

Berimbolo Basics – Rafael Mendes

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Some interesting fundamentals regarding berimbolo.

2 Ways to Berimbolo without De La Riva Hook – Paulo Miyao

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2 Ways to Berimbolo without De La Riva Hook

Berimbolo from the Scissor Sweep – Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu

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Berimbolo from the Scissor Sweep - Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu

Drill Open Guard Sweep to Berimbolo – Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu

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- Action and Reaction starting in open guard position, João sweeps and gets the berimbolo position and then he takes the back by João Paulo Bertuccelli and Guilherme Pinheiro.

Berimbolo Entry Speed Drill – Kent Peters

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Fan favorite Kent Peters shows a very efficient berimbolo entry speed drill

Berimbolo Details – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shares some berimbolo details. Check it out

Very Cool Omoplata Berimbolo Combo

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    Young Orange Belt Ani shows the Omoplata Berimbolo combo       Omoplata Berimbolo ????????⚠️ #bjj #bjjgirls #omoplata #berimbolo #artesuave #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsuparamulher...

One Leg to the Back – Bruno Malfacine

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- Malfacine starts getting the one leg position, then he sweeps Bertuccelli and does the berimbolo, and then he takes the back..

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