The Over Under Pass in BJJ has been one of my favorite options for Guard Passing since I was a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

But the BJJ Over Under Pass definitely has some serious counters available for the person on the bottom if they know how to use them.

2 of the common counters to the Over Under Pass can be a “Bro Roll” and the Kimura. You may have a different name for the roll but that’s what we call it.

In this video I explain how I’ve encountered both of the problems in my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training that our friend Johnathan has had as well.

The big idea in the video is to help you avoid 2 of the mistakes or problems I had with the Over Under Pass.

So if you’re using this Guard Pass or trying to add this into your guard passing game in Brazilian Jiujitsu. I hope the video is useful!

Thanks for watching!