This Half Guard technique is by far one of my favorites. And honestly, I think it’s an absolutely beautiful technique for understanding how the Hip Shovel works in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

The Hip Shovel is a movement which in involves getting your hips under someone else’s. This is required to efficiently execute many Half Guard sweeps and transition to positions like X Guard, Deep Half Guard, etc.

In this video you’ll see Steve as my partner. Steve joined us on the Pura Vida BJJ and Surfing retreat this past year.

During our week of training. He was interested in the sweep and learning how to use Half Guard for his Brazilian Jiujitsu game.

So I wanted to make this video with him to help.

The Giggler as we call it within our association, many people call this the “John Wayne” sweep, is so useful. We call it the Giggler because it works off a proper response from the person on top.

It just requires careful timing and being smart not to give away the grips early.

If you’re trying to make your BJJ Half Guard better, I hope this Sweep is useful for you both as a stand alone technique but also understanding the technical aspects of the Half Guard position.

Thanks for watching!