When i was a beginner, this simple method of using my own legs, helped me develop a better feeling, squeeze, speed & understanding of “on/off” outside of class. I still do it occasionally when im bored

Since you can feel the squeeze on your leg, you get a pretty good idea what you are doing, when and where the choke gets tighter, what difference a grip variation makes etc etc.

For instance in an rear naked choke, I can feel how pinching my elbows together results in more pressure on both sides, but I can also feel that it feels overall inferior to shrugging the shoulders because there is more power behind shrugging,. I can also feel that shrugging the shoulders pulls out more slack if there is any. Hence I only shrug the shoulder in a RNC and don’t bother with the elbow pinching.
I only start pinching my elbows together if the tap doesn’t come after like 7 seconds. Which is almost never the case

Drilling some chokes also made me faster.

Whenever you are bored you can do a couple of reps in front of the tv, while warming up on open mat, hell, even when you are taking a bath haha