Wrestlers who get into BJJ can often be the worst nightmare of a Guard focused player if that bottom player doesn’t know how to work their game against the wrestler.

In this video I answer a BJJ related question that comes from a viewer on Instgram.

His question is about dealing with Wrestlers in a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition that is coming up.

In this video I demonstrate my strategy to beating a Wrestler with Half Guard in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

As I show in the video, playing Half Guard can allow you the ability to get under the hips of the Wrestling based grappler to move them and throw them off their base.

That base of theirs is often the toughest part of their game and what keeps them on top of you like glue!

So if you’re having a similar issue to Gui, then I hope this video is helpful to you and helps you should you find yourself up against a Wrestler in a BJJ tournament.