In the NBA (National Basketball Association) there are many high flyers who perform amazing, acrobatic displays that garner ohs and awes from spectators, while bringing them out of their seats and to their feet in cheerful frenzy. Possibly none have done so more than Dominique Wilkins, who was known as “The Human Highlight Reel”. While jiu-jitsu may not be linked to basketball for several reasons, if there ever was a practitioner to have this type of nickname, it would be without a shadow of a doubt, Edwin Najmi. Edwin didn’t happen to land a flying triangle just one time or even a few times, but does this tournament after tournament after tournament. Like Wilkins, Edwin has his own human highlight reel (literally) of flying attacks, making on goers gasp in excitement and leaving his opponents coaches shaking there heads. If you’re on your feet, have a single leg, or even on your knees and postured up against Edwin while he’s standing, chances are the match is going to end soon. You can find out more about Edwin and follow his career on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @edwinnajmi.

In this video Edwin breaks down the set up and execution of this awesome move and then demonstrates a drill he used early on to practice getting comfortable with the flying triangle. Assisting him is his teammate and Gracie Barra black belt, Felipe “Preguica” Pena. Both are featured in kimonos that can be found at

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