My most used submission as an early White Belt in BJJ was the Keylock / Americana. As a Wrestler I always found myself firmly placed on top in Side Control where I could begin to attack the arms.

The Keylock is a natural attack for anyone who comes to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from a Wrestling background.

In fact, in my very first BJJ tournament I scored my 1st 3 wins via Keylock from Side Control.

One of the setups I used to love as a White Belt was against the common frame you’ll run into against someone trying to hip escape out.

Typically their forearm will find itself dug in underneath your chin. Left unchecked, this will help someone create space and escape your side control hold.

To counter this forearm I used to love a simple adjustment by placing my hands and arms in just a way where I could easily pry the arm down and then snag the Keylock for a submission.

Hopefully if you’re running into the frame in Brazilian Jiujitsu or maybe looking for other ways to setup the Keylock, this setup will help!

Thanks for watching.