What’s the best Guard for a shorter person with strong thick legs?

This is the question I received from a White Belt who is a short powerlifter and has some super strong legs.

Her issue is that when she plays her BJJ game from the bottom she has trouble getting the positions and techniques to work for her.

In my experience with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as someone who has shorter legs for his height, and as someone who has found themselves against people 300+ on more than 1 occasion.

Full guard is generally not going to be the most idea position for someone with shorter legs.

Personally, Half Guard became my go to Guard in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu almost as soon as I began getting exposed to it.

The advantage the Half Guard gives to someone with short legs or who is much smaller than their opponent.

Is. . .

1. You only have to get your legs around 1 leg! Not their entire waist.

2. Being smaller or more stocky. It’s a position in Brazilian Jiujitsu that favors a more compact build.

So if you’re having issues with full guard and you’re on the shorter / stockier side, or maybe you’re opponent is just much bigger.

Than try using the BJJ Half Guard. This will probably open up options to Butterfly Guard and X Guard in the future as well.

In the video I show an entry into the Half Guard from Mount.

Hope the video helps!