From Jason Scully:

In July 2006 when I was a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I made a video on my favorite closed guard positions and attacks at the time. It was in response to a question asked in the Atama forum at Since then it has received almost 470,000 views and I have received countless amounts of messages from people telling me how it has helped them in their game. It was honestly never expected. I am now a Black Belt in BJJ and still use these techniques plus more. I appreciate everyone’s support and thank everyone for watching my videos as well. I really do hope they help you.

This video is a recreation of that video I made in 2006 with more options that I use for closed guard, better video quality, no music, and voice over as well. I hope this video like the last can be of help to many Grapplers.

Please ask questions, and post comments. If there is something you don’t understand then post a comment or message me about it and you never know I may make another video breaking down the technique or position in verbal and visual detail in another video for you. Please visit my websites below:

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