In this video I show 10 BJJ solo drills you can do with an old heavy bag you might have.

I shared in a recent video that I think grappling dummies are a waste of time. Not because they’re not a good tool. But because most people lack the discipline and drive to do use them much at home.

After I made the video a bunch of you sent me messages saying that you have grappling dummies or do solo drills a great deal from your home. Either because it’s supplemental training or because there isn’t a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school close by.

So to help out with your BJJ training I did another set of BJJ solo drills you can do. Many of these are similar to the various drills I’ve done before. But the purpose isn’t just the drills themselves but getting you to think about how you can use a old heavy bag you might have.

When you do the drills, if you’re looking for a good workout. Do each drill for 30-45 seconds a piece. Then transition to the next drill with no rest. Do this for a full pass through and repeat for 2-3 rounds.

It’s guaranteed to get you sweating and you’ll be dev

In our gym we use old heavy bags that have broken for MMA fighters to beat on and punch like ground and pound. But you can also use them for your Brazilian Jiu jitsu training in the form of solo drills.

So if you’re looking for solo drills you can do from home. Check out the video and I hope it helps!