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Uchimata Spin To The Back Of Turtle by Devin Powell

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Don’t get smashed in the cage! Learn the most important BJJ techniques as they pertain to MMA exchanges. Discover the important role that the cage wall plays in an MMA fight and learn to use this variable to you...

Circle to Ankle Pick by Dan Vallimont

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Attack Both Sides Of The Body For Takedowns With This Total Underhook Wrestling Gameplan! Attack left and right for takedowns from the underhook, one of the strongest tie-ups in wrestling!

Keys To The Duck Under Takedown by John Smith

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Learn The 3-Part Takedown System of The Greatest American Wrestler Ever, John Smith, On This 6-Volume Series From The Legendary Oklahoma State Cowboys Coach. Score more takedowns than ever with this complete tak...

Inside Wrist Control to Single Leg Takedown by Chris Perry

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Use fundamentals of these Control Ties to break opponents down before you take them down, with insider tips from 2-Time NCAA Champ Chris Perry! Use an innovative approach to control your opponent with underhooks...

Sit Out, Turn In by Jon Morrison

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Learn Effective Escapes And Reversals From EVERYWHERE! This Bottom Wrestling System From DMV RTC Head Coach Jon Morrison Is A Bulletproof Guide To Bottom Wrestling Success. Master the inside leg stand up to provid...

Underhook Circle Sag to Throw By by Pat Smith

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Learn The Inside Secrets To Effective Greco-Roman Wrestling with 2-Time World Team Wrestler Pat Smith, Including Dynamic Throwing That Scores Big Points. Get a hold of the competition and setup dynamic Greco-Rom...

Cross Knee Pick From Front Headlock by Dan Vallimont

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Dominate The Front Headlock Position With Elite Level Strategies From 2-Time NCAA All-American Dan Vallimont. Learn and master the basics of the front headlock position with set-ups, ideas on how to enter, and t...

Duck Under Spin Down by Erik Paulson

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Use Paulson’s systematic approach to combination takedowns that ensure you are on top once the battle hits the floor. Dominate with tie-ups that keep your opponent off balance and unready to defend your offensiv...

Front Headlock Elbow Pass to Ankle Pick by Dan Vallimont

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Learn all the right ways to stay in position and create the action you want to happen. Clear and counter out of all the most common and stubborn positions, including underhooks and two-on-ones - attack systemati...

Single Leg Shot Recovery (Front Headlock) by Hayden Zillmer

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Stop Your Opponent's Shots With These Counter Wrestling Techniques From All-American Hayden Zillmer. Develop impenetrable brick wall defense with NCAA All-American Hayden Zillmer - learn creative scrambling option...

Finishing A High Crotch On The Mat by Dan Vallimont

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The Russian Tie Formula: Savage Tie Ups, Takedowns, And Throws. 10% OFF WITH DISCOUNT CODE “BJJEE”. NCAA Finalist And Freestyle Machine Dan Vallimont Shows How To Dominate From The Feet With Russian Ties And Eff...

Elbow Control to Punch Underhook by Sean Russell

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Shoot and Score With Precision Takedown Technique From NCAA All-American Sean Russell. Attack the takedown and score with D1 All-American and 4-Time Georgia State Champion Sean Russell - learn elite level contro...

Low Single Defense – Kickout by Hayden Zillmer

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Stop Your Opponent's Shots With These Counter Wrestling Techniques From All-American Hayden Zillmer Develop impenetrable brick wall defense with NCAA All-American Hayden Zillmer - learn creative scrambling optio...