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Underhook Entry To Kimura Control Part 2 by Dave Camarillo

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World-class grappling coach Dave Camarillo shows how he has mixed his judo and BJJ black belts into his own unique armbar system. Use the classic armbar in brand new ways as Dave shows what makes his system usef...

Underhook Knee Tap by Jacob Kasper

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Use Dominant Underhook Takedowns With 2-Time NCAA All-American Jacob Kasper As He Lays Out His Battle-Tested Approach To Dominating With Underhooks! Learn efficient methods to obtain the Underhook that will keep y...

Underhook Setups by Zach Sanders

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4-Time Minnesota All-American Zach Sanders Is Here To Teach You How To Create Offensive Opportunities From EVERYWHERE! Attack From All Angles With Slick Set-Ups, Controlling Collar Ties, And Unorthodox Underhooks! ...

Underhook Chain Wrestle to Headlock by Nazar Kulchytskyy

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Chain Wrestling Takedowns With Nazar Kulchytskyy Is A 4-Part Series Dedicated To Creating Non-stop Offense Where You Can Seamlessly Transition From One Takedown To The Next. Having trouble scoring consistent tak...

Circle to Ankle Pick by Dan Vallimont

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Attack Both Sides Of The Body For Takedowns With This Total Underhook Wrestling Gameplan! Attack left and right for takedowns from the underhook, one of the strongest tie-ups in wrestling!

Re Pummeling Underhook from Half Guard by Paul Schreiner

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Master this half guard passing system with revered black belt instructor and BJJ guru Paul Schreiner. Half guard passing is the most effective way to control and dominate a dangerous opponent from the top position...