guard passing

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De La Riva to Folding Pass by Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

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Learn The "Automatic Game Over" Pass That The Best BJJ Competitor Of All Time Uses To Destroy Every Guard! It's simple - anyone can do it and you don't need flexibility or size to use Buchecha's folding pass - p...

The Best BJJ Concepts To Pass Any Guard by André Galvão

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Never Worry About The Lapel, Berimbolo, Or Inverted Guard Again With This Blueprint For Passing Modern Guards! Andre Galvao Teaches The Passing Principles Anyone Can Use To Shut Down The Modern Guard Player - Th...

Lasso Passing Drill by Marcos Tinoco

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Stop the Lasso Guard before it gets started by using Tinoco’s positional tips that make effective entries into the Lasso almost impossible. Develop a non-stop passing approach with Lasso Passing Drills that will...

The Jiu Jitsu Drill That Xande Ribeiro Uses To Not Get His Guard Passed In Competition Since 2005

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Stay safe and always keep your guard with Xande Ribiero’s revolutionary diamond concept of defense. Learn Xande’s diamond concept that lets him defend, escape, and reguard against the best in the world – everyon...

Side Triangle While Guard Passing by John Danaher

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The Most Comprehensive Course On Triangles Ever Created – By The Greatest Grappling Coach On Earth. John Danaher Calls The Triangle The Most Versatile Submission There Is - In Triangles: Enter The System He Show...

Defense For Over Under Fold Pass by Hiago Gama

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Master critical Z guard concepts and details with IBJJF European Open Champion Hiago Gama. Take your half guard to the next level with these concepts and attacks from your back – create an efficient and dangerou...

Very Efficient Knee Cut BJJ Guard Passing No Gi by JT Torres

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Impose Your Top Game On Anyone With These Grappling Fundamentals. Sharpen your top game with these gold medal no gi fundamentals from 2-time ADCC Champion JT Torres - pass all of no gi grappling’s most difficult...