body lock

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Sag Body Lock Takedown (Down & Through Finish) by Pat Smith

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Learn The Inside Secrets To Effective Greco-Roman Wrestling with 2-Time World Team Wrestler Pat Smith, Including Dynamic Throwing That Scores Big Points. Get a hold of the competition and setup dynamic Greco-Rom...

Body Lock Takedown by Roberto Jimenez

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Learn the secrets of a dangerous closed guard from the young black belt that tore through the scene at purple and brown belt, Roberto Jimenez. Use his tricky yin/yang concept to control and attack way more effec...

Body Lock with Top Control by Jason Hunt

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Master the butterfly guard pass with widely respected BJJ black belt instructor Jason Hunt! Hunt is a career martial artist, receiving his black belt in BJJ in 2011 and now resides at Meraki in Los Angeles as on...

Knee Bar From Body Lock by Gabriel Gonzaga

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Gabriel Gonzaga had a successful bjj career, MMA career, and he is a great instructor. Today he is going to show us how to defeat the half guard. Learn To Pass The Most Difficult Guards You’ll Ever See. BJJ Black ...

Body Lock Ribs Squeeze Takedown by Joao Assis

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Master body lock strategies and improve your overall BJJ game with ADCC Champ Joao Assis. Assis ia World No-Gi Champion and an ADCC Gold and Silver medalist and has been a black belt since 2009. Learn how to u...