I am not sure what everyone’s rush of getting in the cage is. Without proper training you can be hurt very badly.

Look at some of the cuts, whelps, bruises on some of the top fighters. Than imagine yourself with no training doing the sport.

There’s a good chance you could get a skrub and win quickly, but there’s also a good chance of you running into someone who practices everything and you take a beating.

With jiujitsu I believe you can beat any untrained fighter/ anyone that has no ground game. Hands down jiujitsu is the best martial art it’s been proven time and time again. So I’m not bashing jiujitsu it’s what I do for a living.

But! If you are not a high rank in jiujitsu white/blue/sometimes purple belt with exceptions of sandbaggers. Imagine getting in the cage and going against a black belt. Than you are left with nothing lol you have to have some standup it doesn’t even have to be the best just enough to protect yourself. You also need wrestling to insure the fight gets to the ground.

Put your time in and the fights will be easy. Prepare yourself like you are going against someone really good and practice all aspects of the game before hoping in the cage. Because again you could go against someone off the street or you could go against a world champion????‍♂️