Have you ever experienced a big change in your BJJ game that was kind of painful?

This is the situation that is happening for our friend who sent in a question regarding the change of his Brazilian Jiujitsu gym.

He changed gyms and he’s finding that his old BJJ Identity of being tough is getting him into trouble.

Have you ever had to change BJJ gyms? If so, at the new gym, was it the same as the old gym?

Oftentimes new gyms can create new experiences for the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner.

The change that you experience in your game, it can be very difficult to deal with.

Our ego is a conglomeration of stories we tell ourselves and then when something happens to change that story. Our ego feels threatened.

In the video I share my experiences from my own growth as a Purple Belt.

I also share how as I initially got better in BJJ my game actually got worse because I became too possessive of what was working for me.

As I had things begin to work I didn’t want to do much else.

Because of this my game got worse. And in the video I share how I got over it.

I hope the video helps!