Choosing An Appropriate Tactical Gear

Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Gear

We all love adventure. If you are the type that gets thrilled by outdoor activities like wildlife observation, or better still, you shoulder some security responsibility, you might have to consider investing in a gear that can take and survive the rigor. No item serves such purpose better than tactical gear.

What is tactical gear?

Tactical gear can simply be defined as equipment used by the police, military and other force personnel to suit their respective purposes. The reason for being so much drawn to the robustness of the tactical is because it serves the right purpose in their day-to-day activities. Tactical gear are tools, weapons and clothing used to aid in their safety and survival. In essence, it has become popular with hunters and survivalists. They are purposely made to make them better and more efficient at their job.

Tactical gear are strong, durable and often multipurpose. Ranging from one type to another, they encompass various products ranging from backpacks, to tactical clothing, shoes and other accessories.

CLOTHING: Generally, tactical gear comprises protective eyewear, face shields, pocketed jackets, bulletproof vests, among others. Tactical clothing is designed to protect the user from several threats like gunshots and knife attacks, which a police or military person is subject to. Also, they can include pockets and pouches where to keep tactical equipment of different shapes and sizes.

EQUIPMENT: Tactical gear also entails laser lights, night vision goggles, and binoculars. The bags and pouches are weather-resistant. They are designed to keep the gear dry, and hold the gun holsters for open or concealed gun carriage.



FOOTWEAR: The tactical footwear has a lightweight design. This also comes with a movable frame for quick acceleration and for easy get-away from danger. Tactical boots are heavy duty shoes designed to cope well with tough terrain and suitable for any circumstances. These shoes are well appreciated by hunters and hikers. Note that not all boots are tactical. Certain features distinguish a common boot from the tactical. They include lightweight, breathable, slip-resistant, to mention a few. Tactical shoes should have quiet soles which do not give your whereabouts away so easily. In addition, it must be able to provide excellent support around the ankles, with tough laces which do not cut off under pressure.

ACCESSORIES: Tactical accessories are an enhancement to the basic tactical gear. These accessories include gloves, belts, knives, flashlights, watches, special socks, and helmets.


Buyer’s Guide

Having understood what a tactical gear is, a level of research is necessary to comprehend the fundamentals, and make the right choice during purchase.

Level of threat: There is always a threat. The hunter and soldier wants protection against rifles at all times. Therefore, investing in a worthwhile and solid armor that can be inserted into a chest harness is considered reasonable. Besides, armor is rated by level. That is, the higher the level, the more ammo protection the wearer would get. Hard armor is categorized in level III, III+ or IV and a soft armor is level IIIa and less.

Size: It is not just enough to choose tactical clothing and equipment. Sizing is key to making the best choice among other things like understanding the weight and thickness. These are relatively important because a few pounds can differentiate an effective tactical gear from a non-performing one. So, be on the lookout to invest in lightweight clothing and gear.

Storage options: For preppers and hunter or others in the line of duty, their gears are specially designed with many lockers. They are of different versions and can be largely accessorized to meet the specific needs. These lockers have been designed such that you can easily access your equipment at the time you reach for it.

Price and Quality: A pricier gear doesn’t mean it is of good quality. A tactical gear can be good and still be inexpensive. Actually, a lot of research has been done to ensure that tactical gear is practical, robust and durable. The manufacturers have the technical knowledge when it comes to producing the appropriate tactical gear at a good price. Therefore, as a buyer, while you research, you will definitely find high-quality products at prices you can afford.


Contrary to popular opinion, the use of tactical gear is not limited to men and women in uniform alone. It can also serve non-military people in the course of adventure, outings, sports and travel activities. So, if you are a military person or simply an outdoor enthusiast or adventurous traveler, there are some well-designed, reliable, trusted and tested tactical gear from for you. You can make your choice depending on your needs and purpose.


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