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Butterfly Trap: Kimura From “Turtle Guard” by Eduardo Telles

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Butterfly Trap: Kimura From "Turtle Guard" by Eduardo Telles

Front Headlock Luta Livre Style

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Luta Livre Black Belt Nico Welko from the Renovação Fight Team Deutschland showing a technique from his "Carioca techniques Series". In this video he shows a sweep technique from the front headlock into a very tight c...

Top Turtle Strangle by 2012 Olympian Ivo Dos Santos

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2012 Olympian, Ivo dos Santos, shows how to finish from the top turtle position with a lapel choke

Judo Turtle Attacks for BJJ

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  Mike Lee ( and Stephan Kesting ( teach attacks from, and against, the turtle position at a seminar in downtown Vancouver (at

Submissions Are Everywhere! – Episode 02

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Submissions are everywhere, so are neck cranks!

Invisible Arm Bar From Over Under Defense

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Invisible Armbar King Diego Gammonal shows his patented armbar. You can see him do it in competition HERE.

Milton Vieira Shows The Anaconda Choke On Ricardo Arona

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Check out Milton Vieira showing some great details to the Anaconda Choke on no one less than Ricardo Arona, The Brazilian Tiger

The Craig Fallon vs Tight Turtle – Kent Peterson

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Kent Peterson provides some worthy colorful options against a tight turtle!

Crucifix Set Up- Guybson Sa

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BJJ Black Belt Gybson Sa demonstrates a way to establish the Crucifix position

Guillotine Choke from Turtle- Robson Moura

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  The Guillotine is without a doubt, the most widely used submission in grappling and MMA today. In this new DVD, Robson Moura rewrites the book on everything you thought you knew about the Guillotine as he pu...

No-Gi Peruvian Necktie – Brad Pickett and Kyle Dietz

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The Peruvian Necktie for No-Gi is as effective as its Gi version. Learn the step by step from the initial tie-up to the switch of grip, then the kick off the fence, and right into the finish.

Cool Trick To Finish The “Tri” Guillotine- Ricardo Migliarese

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This is a cool choke variation from the front headlock on a different way to finish the guillotine. This video is taught by Relson Gracie Black Belt and Team Balance Head Instructor, Ricardo Migliarese.

The 2 Easiest Attacks Against the Turtle Position

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Fighting against someone who defends really well the Turtle position? No worries, these attacks will go right through their defense like a hot knife through butter.

Clock Choke Setup- Orlando Sanchez

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Gracie Barra Black Belt, Orlando Sanchez shows a clock choke from side control. Take a little private from Orlando "The Cuban Tree Stump" Sanchez!

Ronda’s Reverse Triangle (Sankaku Jime) Set Up

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A great set for a reverse triangle aka Sankaku Jime.

How to attack the turtle guard with this basic Ezekiel Choke

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Learn how to attack the turtle guard with this basic Ezekiel Choke.

Spin of Brabo choke utilizing your own lapel – Greg Melita

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This is a great setup from the turtle position utilizing your own lapel. It's a spin on the brabo choke and is high percentage because you're establishing grips on your own Gi       New ...

Ezekiel Choke Tutorial

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Danny Williams, Judo Olympian, shows how to effectively utilize the Ezekiel choke

Banana Split Tutorial

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Learn one of the most nasty submissions ever which will give your opponent one of the worst feelings he has ever felt before tapping

5 Ways To Attack The Turtle Position

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BJJ Champion Fabio Da Mata from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 chokes from the turtle position.

Guillotine/Marcelotine vs front headlock/sprawl

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