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Wrestling Attacks From Underhook Control

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Lyubo Kumbarov shows you a range of attacks to work on once you've gained an underhook from the clinch.

How to attack the turtle guard with this basic Ezekiel Choke

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Learn how to attack the turtle guard with this basic Ezekiel Choke.

Peruvian Collar Choke from Turtle: Jean Jacques Machado

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Jean Jacques Machado was born with ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome), which is when the fetus of an unborn child has restricted blood flow due to being entangled in fibrous string-like amniotic bands. This can affect the b...

Bulldog Choke Instructional – Rob Lisita

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Phuket Top Team's pro MMA fighter featherweight - "Ruthless" Rob Lisita, shows us a nice bulldog choke technique.

Front Headlock Luta Livre Style

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Luta Livre Black Belt Nico Welko from the Renovação Fight Team Deutschland showing a technique from his "Carioca techniques Series". In this video he shows a sweep technique from the front headlock into a very tight c...

No-Gi Peruvian Necktie – Brad Pickett and Kyle Dietz

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The Peruvian Necktie for No-Gi is as effective as its Gi version. Learn the step by step from the initial tie-up to the switch of grip, then the kick off the fence, and right into the finish.

Renzo Gracie Back Take: Spread the Chicken

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Learn how to apply Renzo Gracie’s favorite way to finish from the back. This is a submission set up that he used countless times in his competitive Jiu-Jitsu career and his MMA fights. It all starts with a back tak...

Crucifix Entry from Turtle to Lapel Finish

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A fun way to open crack the turtle and achieve the tap!

Sneaky Kamikaze by Geo Martinez

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Master The Truck Position From Geo Martinez And This 10th Planet Back Take System Can Help You Find Submissions In Totally Unique Ways. Use this signature 10th Planet grappling attack to take the back and finish...

Bow & Arrow Choke Instructional – Mike Wilkins

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Mike Wilkins and Justin Steave  show a great bow & arrow choke from turtle.

Japanese Necktie from Top Turtle position

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Very famous and yet nasty and painful submission, the Japanese Necktie

“Neil Adams” Arm Bar/Juji-Gatame roll Combination Tutorial

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Pedro Bessa Black Belt, Craig Ewers demonstrates the Neil Adams arm bar. Craig trained with Neil when Craig was part of the Welsh Judo Squad. Craig went on to coach the National Team and is also an active black bel...

Back Lapel Choke to Clock Choke Transition- Professor Ze

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Professor Ze of Renzo Gracie shows his variation of the Clock choke.

Banana split from the Truck

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Karl Nemeth shows the Banana split and Crotch ripper from the truck

Clock choke from the back + counter to a sweep from the Tutle

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Alexandre Mestrinho shows a very good setup to the clock choke and a trick to avoid being swept from the top Turtle position which will help you getting a tight and effective grip.

Transitioning To The Side by Henry Akins

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This video explains Transitioning to Side in BJJ. Henry Akins Is Here To Redefine The Way You See The Turtle Position – As a Rickson Gracie American Black Belt He Understands The Technicality In Simplifying HIDDEN ...

101 Turtle Position Fundamentals – Robert Drysdale

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Multiple-time Jiu JitsuWorld Champion and ADCC Absolute Champion, Robert Drysdale demonstrates the fundamentals of Turtle Position.

Kimura Roll From Turtle Guard – Jon Friedland

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Jon Friedland, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Neutral Ground BJJ hits a kimura roll from turtle guard made famous by Japanese catch wrestler Kazushi Sakuraba. Swift way to go from defense to a submission in und...

Cool Trick To Finish The “Tri” Guillotine- Ricardo Migliarese

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This is a cool choke variation from the front headlock on a different way to finish the guillotine. This video is taught by Relson Gracie Black Belt and Team Balance Head Instructor, Ricardo Migliarese.

Placeholder Backtake vs Turtle – Kent Peters

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Nogi Techniques: Placeholder Backtake vs Turtle by Kent Peters

Turtle Escape & Shoulder Lock Combo

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches a basic rolling escape from the turtle position, and how to connect it with a shoulder lock.

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