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The HIGHEST PERCENTAGE de la Riva sweep!

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This is the FIRST de la Riva sweep I teach anyone looking to learn the guard. It works on standing opponents of all shapes and sizes no matter how big or small you are yourself. Pay close attention to the grip work, a...

Davi Ramos teaches DLR sweep with lapel grip ending on a leg lock

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Davi Ramos teaches DLR sweep with lapel grip ending on a leg lock

Overhead sweep from De la Riva guard – Nelson Puentes

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Simple sweep from the dlr guard by Nelson Puentes

Ricardo de la Riva teaches sweep from the De la Riva guard

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Ricardo de la Riva teaches sweep starting from the de la Riva hook. Pay attention to the details and add this to your game

Ricardo Liborio BJJ Tip of the Month: Basic De La Riva Guard and Sweep

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Ricardo Liborio is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend, and the founder and head coach of American Top Team. Here's a fresh new tip from him regarding Basic De La Riva Guard and Sweep

De La Riva guard to overhead sweep – Roberto Jimenez

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In this video Roberto Jimenez explains what you can do when taken down by your opponent from the De La Riva guard position.

Sweeps from the De La Riva Guard – JT Torres

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JT teaches us how to apply your favorite sweeps from De la Riva guard.

Atos Swep from Reverse Dela Riva – Josh Mancuso

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Fresh new technique of the week- this time an Atos Swep from Reverse Dela Riva

Sweep to Submission Sequence – Rafael Lovato Jr

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 Sweep to Submission Sequence by Rafael Lovato Jr     Great training with my brother @juberajj today! Here we are each demonstrating a #sweep to #submission sequence. Enjoy! Watch me do more ha...

Simple Sweep, Lasso Guard to Side Control – Michael Tohme

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How to do a Simple sweep from the Lasso Guard using the Dela Riva into Side Control, for Gi BJJ & Sambo used by Michael Tohme

DLR Sweep to Triangle

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  This interesting snippet shows how to turn a De La Rive Sweep into a submission setup. Here it effectively goes from De La Riva to triangle in no time.       Posição eficiente que voc...

Sweep from De La Riva X-Guard – Nic Gregoriades

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The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood founder, Nic Gregoriades, shows one of his favorite sweeps from the De La Riva X-Guard.

Learn the Leandro Lo Sweep with Dennis Sugrue

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Delariva / Spider Guard / Lo Sweep taught by Dennis Sugrue

Xande Ribeiro working on his Sweeps with Rodrigo Pagani

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        So happy to have my brother and #curucuruguard master Rodrigo Pagani @ribeirojjniteroi to sharp my sweeping skills. Feliz do meu irmao e #curucuruland boss Rodrigo Pagani aq...

DelaRiva Shin Sweep – Marcos Duarte

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Nice little Dela Riva Sweep Lucas Lepri tends to use!

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