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Quadruple Threat from Side Control – Mike Fowler

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Old school footage of Mike Fowler demonstrating a sequence of four possible submissions from side control when you have one arm trapped: kimura, straight armlock, wristlock and keylock

5 Wrist Lock Submission Variations | Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Wristlock from Closed Guard – Claudio Calasans

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Som Calasans magic up ahead! How often do you use wristlocks? Do you consider them a "douche move"?

Wrist Lock from Closed Guard – Fabio Santos

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Check out this great Wrist Lock from Closed Guard by Fabio Santos

Wrist Locks How To- Ricardo Migliarese

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4th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and world champion Ricardo Migliarese breaks down his bjj wrist lock game and how it can be both an effective attack or defensive technique.

Scare Off Your Opponents Grip with Wrist Locks- Nick Albin

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Wristlocks in BJJ are an underutilized and often under appreciated technique. In a lot of situations people will call them cheap or even cheating! Personally I've grown to really like wrist locks albeit uninte...

Josh Barnett Reversals and Textbook Double Wristlock

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 Josh Barnett Reversals and Textbook Double Wristlock      

Channel your inner Steven Seagal for this Wrist Lock – David Avellan

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If you think wrist locks are cheap, this technique is NOT for you. I have no qualms about doing a wrist lock. I like using any weapon at my disposal, and wrist locks can be a great way of finishing an opponent who ...

Mastering The Wrist Lock – Pete “The Greek” Letsos

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Wrist Locks 101 with Pete The Greek

An Easy Wristlock from the Guard – Stephan Kesting & Jeff Mesazros

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Jeff Mesazros shares an easy wrist lock you can do from the closed guard.

Ever painful, evil, wrist lockage – Jacare

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 Jacare jumped on this opportunity to capitalize with the Ever painful, evil, wrist lockage       @ronaldojacare with the ever painful, evil, wrist lockage! Video credit: #xcombattvnew...

7 Deadly Wristlocks – Keenan Cornelius

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Keenan Cornelius Shows Some Wristlock MAgic

Wrist Lock From Side Control – Rolando Samson

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Rolando Samson shows us his Wrist Lock from Side Control

NEIL MELANSON: K Control to Double Wrist Lock Kimura Finish

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Interesting intense sub combo!

Wristlocks: Techniques and Concepts for BJJ – Mike Palladino

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BJJ Wristlocks! In this video Mike Palladino goes over some basic concepts and techniques of the wristlock. The wristlock is a small joint manipulation in which hyperextension of the wrist can occur from multiple angl...

Wrist Lock Back – Claudio Calasans

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The IBJJF and ADCC World Champion Claudio Calasans shows an entrapment Wrist Lock Back.

Takedown off the double wrist lock – Zach Makovsky

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   Cool Takedown off the double wrist lock by Zach Makovsky    

Claudio Calasans BJJ/Judo/ Wristlocks Highlights

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  BJJ and Judo black belt Claudio Calasans Highlights.

Sneaky Wristlock From Side Control- Keenan Cornelius

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Sneaky Wristlock From Side Control- Keenan Cornelius.

Backtake & Choke from Side Control plus Wrist Lock – Kent Peters

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Intense action in another clip by Kent Peters

Jacare Wrist Lock – Alberto Serrano

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Jacare Wrist Lock | How TO BJJ Techniques

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