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Attacks inside the triangle – Vagner Santana

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Black belt Vagner Santana is getting ready for upcoming competitions and takes the time to share some clever attacks once you have the opponent inside your triangle. Pya close attention and add a wrist lock and two di...

Josh Barnett Reversals and Textbook Double Wristlock

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 Josh Barnett Reversals and Textbook Double Wristlock      

Garcia Amadori’s – Wrist Lock To Armbar From Mount

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A very effective way to finish the fight from the Mount position or to transition to the Armbar from Mount without having to struggle to break your opponent's defense using a wristlock

How to lose friends: Wristlocks from closed guard

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Wrist locks From closed guard by Kent Peters.

Claudio Calasans BJJ/Judo/ Wristlocks Highlights

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  BJJ and Judo black belt Claudio Calasans Highlights.

The Unescapable Wrist Lock by Fabiano “Pega-Leve” Scherner feat Faria

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The Unescapable Wrist Lock by Fabiano "Pega-Leve" Scherner feat Faria

5 BJJ Wristlock Submisssions- Thiago Kozama

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In this video, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Silver Medalist Thiago "Guli" Kozama from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 wrist lock submission variations.

Wrist Lock from Bicep Control – Mike Bidwell

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It's a great little move when they try to lay on you and control your biceps from closed guard. You won't always get a tap - BUT you will get a reaction which will allow for other opportunities.

Wristlock from Mount using the lapel

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For sure your opponent will not be expecting you to submit using this technique, so surprise him!

Wrist Lock From Side Control – Rolando Samson

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Rolando Samson shows us his Wrist Lock from Side Control

The Last 5 Wristlocks That I Caught in Sparring – Stephan Kesting

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Wristlocks are an effective, if potentially dangerous, submission in BJJ sparring, they just have to be applied a little differently than in Aikido, Hapkido and Aiki-jitsu

Wristlock Variations from Closed Guard – Shadia Bseiso

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 Wristlock variations from closed guard       @armbargirl_ with @repostapp ・・・ Wristlock variations from closed guard with @alooers thank you to Sheikh @tarikalqassimi for such a gr...

Wrist Lock from Arm Bar Defense (guard) – Bjj AfterForty

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In this video we show a nice little wrist lock off the arm bar defense. It's a slick little lock... all wrist locks come with a warning! Be careful squeezing with your legs on the wrist as the pressure happens quickly...

Mão de Vaca From Side Control – Raul Faconti

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Raul Faconti shows how to apply a wrist breaking wrist lock from the Side Control position

Wristlock from the Dog Fight Position

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A very strong setup for a Wristlock starting at the bottom Lockdown half guard and then going into the Dog Fight position to start attacking the wrist

Channel your inner Steven Seagal for this Wrist Lock – David Avellan

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If you think wrist locks are cheap, this technique is NOT for you. I have no qualms about doing a wrist lock. I like using any weapon at my disposal, and wrist locks can be a great way of finishing an opponent who ...

Quadruple Threat from Side Control – Mike Fowler

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Old school footage of Mike Fowler demonstrating a sequence of four possible submissions from side control when you have one arm trapped: kimura, straight armlock, wristlock and keylock

Countering the Ezekiel Choke With a Wrist Lock

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I learned this at my first seminar with Pedro Sauer. I've used it a lot over the years. It's best to not get your neck wrapped but if the choke is coming this is a nice surprise.

Wrist lock from side control – Daniel Rott

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Daniel Rott shows how to submit your opponent using a wrist lock from side control.

Ever painful, evil, wrist lockage – Jacare

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 Jacare jumped on this opportunity to capitalize with the Ever painful, evil, wrist lockage       @ronaldojacare with the ever painful, evil, wrist lockage! Video credit: #xcombattvnew...

7 Deadly Wristlocks – Keenan Cornelius

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Keenan Cornelius Shows Some Wristlock MAgic

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