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Claudio Calasans BJJ/Judo/ Wristlocks Highlights

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  BJJ and Judo black belt Claudio Calasans Highlights.

Jacare Souza- Stand up Posture & Throwing Combinations, Standing Wristlock

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Great throwing combination from World champion Ronaldo Jacare Souza. he also shows a nice standing wristlock.

5 BJJ Wristlock Submisssions- Thiago Kozama

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In this video, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Silver Medalist Thiago "Guli" Kozama from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 wrist lock submission variations.

The Nastiest Submission in BJJ with Fredson Paixao

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Think of the most painful and intimidating of submissions and there's a good chance that the wristlock will be high on that list.

Sakuraba Wrist Lock accident

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Sakuraba "The Gracie hunter" - You should have just tapped out when you were flipped!

Wrist lock from the half guard – Matheus Diniz

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The 2015 Pan No-Gi black belt open class champion reveals his secret weapon. The submission technique he used to defeat Garry Tonon in the absolute final.

Wrist lock from side control – Daniel Rott

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Daniel Rott shows how to submit your opponent using a wrist lock from side control.

Some wristlocks for grappling or bjj

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A series of Wristlocks applied from all imaginable angles.

Wristlock from Mount using the lapel

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For sure your opponent will not be expecting you to submit using this technique, so surprise him!

Antônio Ciccone – Mão de vaca standing

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Antônio Ciccone shows you how to submit using a Mão de vaca right at the start of the fight

Wristlock from the Dog Fight Position

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A very strong setup for a Wristlock starting at the bottom Lockdown half guard and then going into the Dog Fight position to start attacking the wrist

Andre Galvão – Standing Wristlock

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Make your opponents regret ever gripping your gi with this very painful standing Wristlock

Wristlock To Takedown

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Fred Zaganelli shows a Wristlock from the standing position and alternatively a Takedown when the wristlock gets defended

Standing Wristlock – Daniel Rott

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Finish the fight still standing with this nasty Wristlock

Mão de Vaca From Side Control – Raul Faconti

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Raul Faconti shows how to apply a wrist breaking wrist lock from the Side Control position

Garcia Amadori’s – Wrist Lock To Armbar From Mount

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A very effective way to finish the fight from the Mount position or to transition to the Armbar from Mount without having to struggle to break your opponent's defense using a wristlock

Standing Wrist Locks to Submissions

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Here's a few cool transitions for Wristlocks while standing

Wristlock from the back -Felipe Pena

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  Wristlock from the back by Felipe Pena. Technique shown during his training camp at Accademia Kama in Italy.

Wrist Lock Back – Claudio Calasans

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The IBJJF and ADCC World Champion Claudio Calasans shows an entrapment Wrist Lock Back.

Attacks inside the triangle – Vagner Santana

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Black belt Vagner Santana is getting ready for upcoming competitions and takes the time to share some clever attacks once you have the opponent inside your triangle. Pya close attention and add a wrist lock and two di...

Wristlock from 50/50 to Guard Pass – Phil Mento

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Phil Mento is back with a new technique. In this video, he teaches a sneaky wrist lock from 50/50 guard that he uses to set up a modified leg drag.

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