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Effective BJJ Kimura Finish (Even Works on Big People) – Nick Albin

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One of my favorite submissions in Brazilian JiuJitsu is the Kimura. It's a versatile BJJ technique that can be done from both bottom or top. As a submission or a setup to other attacks and positions. And there are so ...

Kimura Defense & Counter From Half-Guard – Gustavo Gasparin

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Gustavo gasperin shows how to properly defend the Kimura fom Half-Guard and also how to counter it with a Kimura of your own

The Standing Reverse Kimura Throw – David Avellan

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I learned this throw back from my wrestling days in high school under coach Tirso Valls. We used to set this up from a Russian 2-1 tie up, but it can also be combined with the standing arm lock for a sneaky combin...

Kimura Sweep from Half Guard – Alex Ecklin

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Kimura Sweep from Half Guard Alex Ecklin a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt teaches us how to do a sweep from the half guard.

50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnels (Cool Move) – Vagner Rocha

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The Vagner Rocha “Kimura Funnels System” is a unique jiu jitsu system that allows you to set up and catch crazy Kimura, armbar and triangle submissions and effortlessly control people.

Beat the Kimura Trap from the Single Leg – Nelson Puentes

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Eric from Takedown Nation teaches a few quick and simple options for beating the increasingly popular Kimura trap counter to the single leg.

Kimura Sweep from half guard – LI MMA

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Brent was going over how to do a back take off of a Kimura sweep from half guard in this video. The video was shot during one of our No-gi BJJ classes during Kimura month. Brent teaches every Wednesday at 7pm at...

Reverse Triangle Choke from the Kimura Trap System Seminar

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While I am not a big on going for triangle chokes, the reverse triangle is a powerful pinning position that lends itself to many submissions such as wrist locks, chokes, arm locks, and of course the Kimura. This se...

How to tap a Heavier Stronger Opponent from the Side Control -Andreas Achniotis Perales

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How to tap a Heavier Stronger Opponent from the Side Control by Andreas Achniotis Perales This is my first introductory video and for how to tap a heavier stronger opponent from the side control! #bjj #sideco...

Kimura to Triangle Choke – Eric Ott

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Kimura to Triangle Choke Eric Ott is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and a MMA fighter fighting out of Long Island MMA. Eric Ott shows us how to do a triangle choke from a failed kimura.

Jimmy Pedro: Preventing The Kimura From Over Under

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Team USA Judo coach and newaza expert Jimmy Pedro shows how to Prevent The Kimura From Over Under

Kimura Trap / Kimura Lock Down to Leg Locks – David Avellan

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Josh "Star-Lord" Leduc put up a video showing this easy transition, so I had to put up my take on it and add it to the Kimura Trap System. The beauty is it's so simple to do, and the opponent is so distracted ...

Kimura from Side Control with Freddy Trillo

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Freddy Trillo is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the owner of Trillo Academy in Miami, Florida. In this video, Freddy walks us through how to secure a deep and secure Kimura grip from the side control position...

Jean Machado – Get the KIMURA Or Switch into an Omoplata!

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Special guest Jean Machado teaches how to get into the Kimura and then into an Omoplata. Some great advice and little tricks and hacks in this video. Check it out and try it yourself on the mat. Let me know how it goes.

BRUTAL Modified Omoplata from PamAms – Liera Jr

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Liera Jr. @lierajr showing his mastery with our favorite sub of the @ibjjf 2017 Pan Ams. Modified Omoplata + Kimura Submission Wizard, Liera Jr. @lierajr showing his mastery with our favorite sub of th...

The Kimura Bar – David Avellan

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In my free time (usually before bed) I think about potential techniques in what I call DJJ - Dream Jiu Jitsu. :) Sometimes they are total crap moves that only work in my head. But sometimes they turn out to be ...

The AWESOME Roger Machado Americana – BY ROGER MACHADO!

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The AWESOME Roger Machado Americana - BY ROGER MACHADO!

Supercut of Unorthodox Kimuras in 45 Seconds – David Avellan

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If you haven't been watching my videos lately, you have been missing out on all sorts of strange Kimuras. Reverse Kimura, Sit Out Kimura, Double Reverse Kimura, the Kimura Bar, and a few more! This video is just a qui...

Counter Kimura With Kimura – Mau Mau

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Mau Mau Shows What To Do If Someone Tries A Kimura On You

Double Reverse Kimura from an OmoPlata – David Avellan

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Double Reverse Kimura from an Omo Plata by David Avellan I think this is the last reverse Kimura I will show for a while, and it isn't even a reverse Kimura. More like a double reverse, or inverse Kimura. I'm ...

Defending the Kimura from Bottom Half Guard – Bernardo Faria

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5 x BJJ World champion Bernardo Faria shows you how to not get Kimura'd when you're playing from the deep half guard.