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Choke starting from kimura attack – Reyson Gracie

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Son of Carlos Gracie, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu founder, the 9th degree red belt Reyson Gracie makes a special appearance on a 10x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Roger Gracie seminar to teach us how to apply a choke...

Counter a Double Leg Takedown With An Unstoppable Kimura! – Gile Huni

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   Counter a Double Leg Takedown With An Unstoppable Kimura! - Gile Huni      

Counter Choke From Kimura – Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Counter Kimura With Kimura – Mau Mau

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Mau Mau Shows What To Do If Someone Tries A Kimura On You

Countering the Kimura – Ralek Gracie

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In 2010 Ralek Gracie defeated the "Gracie Hunter," the famed Kazushi Sakuraba, via unanimous decision. How do you rate Ralek's breakdown of Kimura Counter?

Countering the Kimura – With A Back Take! – Tom Davey

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I love half guard. But you might notice if you also get into half guard a lot that sooner or later your training partners start to Kimura you! We have done some videos on just that! However, with a bit of thought ...

Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take

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 Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take on this Video. Take a look       ???? Transição Para As Costas Marque Seu Amigo De Treino ・ Parcerias ⤵ ↪ @tatamemagazine ↪ @adccsubmission ↪ @bjjclub ↪ @g...

Daniel Strauss breaks down his EBI americana

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   Daniel Strauss breaks down his EBI americana        

Defend the Single Lex X guard and Finish with a Kimura – Tammi and Mikey Musumeci

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 Single Leg X-Guard to Leg Drag Pass to Kimura finish       SINGLE LEG X GUARD LEG DRAG PASS TO KIMURA FINISH || Hey guys check out this position I've been hitting this a lot in tra...

Defending the Kimura from Bottom Half Guard – Bernardo Faria

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5 x BJJ World champion Bernardo Faria shows you how to not get Kimura'd when you're playing from the deep half guard.

Difference between Luta Livre and BJJ : how to submit from a kimura ?

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In this video I propose you 2 options to finish a kimura if your opponent already defend it.

Dig Out The Kimura With This – Kent Peters

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Gi Technique: How To Finish The Kimura From Guard ????‍♂️

Double Reverse Kimura from an OmoPlata – David Avellan

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Double Reverse Kimura from an Omo Plata by David Avellan I think this is the last reverse Kimura I will show for a while, and it isn't even a reverse Kimura. More like a double reverse, or inverse Kimura. I'm ...

Effective BJJ Kimura Finish (Even Works on Big People) – Nick Albin

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One of my favorite submissions in Brazilian JiuJitsu is the Kimura. It's a versatile BJJ technique that can be done from both bottom or top. As a submission or a setup to other attacks and positions. And there are so ...

Ethan Crelinsten SLX/X Guard Pass & Kimura Backtake Wizardry – ZombieProofBJJ (BreakDown)

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Ethan Crelinsten SLX/X Guard Pass & Kimura Backtake Wizardry - ZombieProofBJJ (BreakDown)

Excellent Americana Defense To Americana!

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Talk about a fun counter. How effective do you think this move is?

Forearm crusher from failed Kimura- Marcelo Alonso

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 Forearm crusher from failed Kimura- Marcelo Alonso    

Garry Tonon Kimura Setup

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working on a half guard Kimura setup I got from Garry Tonon. Check out the details and you are sure to find something useful!

Getting Caught in Kimura when Passing Guard – Nick Albin

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In this video I show some basic kimura defense from a BJJ match that one of the Blue Belt viewers shared with me. During the match I try to share some concepts as well as show some specific defense. But if you...

Half Guard Kimura Sweep – Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Master Eduardo Telles shows a Half Guard Kimura Sweep. Eduardo Telles is one of the living legends in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he has been at the top of the sport for nearly 2 decades. This is a technique fro...

Half Guard Pass to Back/Kimura – Gui Mendes

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  Gui Mendes showing how to transition to the back and also how to attack the kimura from on top when passing the half guard       A O J D A I L Y || Details from this mornings Fundamen...