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Kimura Lockdown in Action – Match Review – David Avellan

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Edgard "the Dream Killer" Plazaola is one FFA's up and coming fighters that will be taking names. He is currently 4-0 as a pro MMA fighter, all by submission and TKO. But before he got his start in MMA, he was grap...

Awesome Keylock Setup from my White Belt Days (Kill the Frame) – Nick Albin

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My most used submission as an early White Belt in BJJ was the Keylock / Americana. As a Wrestler I always found myself firmly placed on top in Side Control where I could begin to attack the arms. The Keylock is a ...

1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack – Controlling the Elbow in the Kimura

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1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack - Controlling the Elbow in the Kimura

The Lazy, Old, Fat Man Kimura -Stephan Kesting

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This is one of my favorite ways to finish the Kimura armlock! I jokingly call it the 'Lazy, Old Man Kimura' because it requires almost ZERO athleticism.

Roger Gracie Demonstrates A nice Kimura Counter

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Everything starts with a solid defence

Kimura Counter For Single Leg – Alberto Serrano

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Kimura defense against the single leg takedown

Kimura Entries from the Guard

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How do you usually setup a kimura?

How To Perfect The Kimura by Fabio Holanda feat Faria

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How To Perfect The Kimura by Fabio Holanda featuring Bernardo Faria

Kimura Trap Misdirection – Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson - The Ground Marshal - goes back to the basic exploring the Kimura grip and how to use misdirect, your legs and hips to finish your opponent. You'll hear him say "Improvise, adapt and overcome" an amazin...

Very Slick Kimura Finish – Fabio Holanda

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Fabio Holanda Shows A Very Slick Kimura Finish

Kimura When You’re Mounted – No Gi BJJ Technique

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How do you armbar someone when YOU are mounted? Alexander Neufang, one of the best in Germany, shows us his variation of the Kimura armbar that can work even when you're mounted by someone. Alex starts off with the pe...

Major Detail: Neutralising The Shoulder During A Kimura

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From David Avellan: As some of you might know, I have my friend Kit Dale in Las Vegas with me preparing for the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. We had some good training sessions together, and learned a...

Kimura From K Control – Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson shows a nifty option from K control

Kimura Switching Drill – Nathan Orchard

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10th Planet Black Belt Nathan Orchard teaches a Kimura Switching Drill ... It's so sick I can't contain my excitement

North South Kimura- Brent Appiarius

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- Brent Appiarius Long Island MMA grappling coach and brown belt in BJJ under Gregg DePasqaule. -Brent teaches us how to do a Kimura from the north south position. If you do this correct your opponent will be fee...

No Gi Easy Americana from Side Control – Ashleigh Grimshaw

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Ashleigh Grimshaw, top UK Pro MMA fighter, No Gi Athlete and coach at Urban Kings MMA in London is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on a way he likes to set up and get an easy americana finish f...

Renzo Gracie teaches how to answer the phone

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu genius Renzo Gracie shows how to use a very fundamental move (the key-lock aka americana) in a way that it will surprise your opponent when across side. We dubbed it "Answering the phone".

Weird Kimura From Top Half – Tom DeBlass

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3x ADCC Trials Champ & Grappling Wizard Tom DeBlass shows a very effective Kimura from Top Half Guard with a different grip than most people are used to...

Technique of the Week – No Gi Kimura – Cobrinha

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Cobrinha's latest technique of the week is all about executing a kimura in nogi

The Kimura Trap – Head Scissor Attack – Tom Davey

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One of my favorite techniques. One of the favorites of my students. I see it used on my mat nearly every night and I've seen it used often in competition to great effect. In short, this works. It's a great attack and ...

Countering the Kimura – With A Back Take! – Tom Davey

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I love half guard. But you might notice if you also get into half guard a lot that sooner or later your training partners start to Kimura you! We have done some videos on just that! However, with a bit of thought ...