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Estima Lock – Santeri Lilius

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Estima lock for a quick competitive finish from Rome Open quarterfinals by Santeri Lilius Estima lock from Rome Open quarterfinals. #bjj #bjjsuomi #blackbelt #rogergracie #bjjspain #scramblebrand #roninwear #to...

Double Leg Counter – Ruben Rivera

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 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe Coach Ruben Rivera shows a nice counter attack game plan when your opponent tries to do double leg       Opponents Double Leg➡Whip Over➡Kesure Kesa Gatam...

Single leg defense that quickly turns into submission – Queixinho

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Queixinho shows the submission he used at the Pan Ams 2016 to put  to sleep rising Star Marcio Andre

Robert Drysdale’s Standing Kimura to Arm Bar

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ADCC champion Robert Drysdale shows a sick key lock to arm bar from standing..

Judo Olympian Shows 2 No Gi Takedowns & Nasty Submission From An Overhook

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  Here are 2 great No Gi takedowns and a nasty submission using an overhook from Matt D’Aquino. He is a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian as well as nationally ranked freestyle wrestler and National Champion in Brazi...

Channel your inner Steven Seagal for this Wrist Lock – David Avellan

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If you think wrist locks are cheap, this technique is NOT for you. I have no qualms about doing a wrist lock. I like using any weapon at my disposal, and wrist locks can be a great way of finishing an opponent who ...

3 Chokes To Counter The Single Leg Takedown

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Very effective single leg counters, which you can easily use when your opponent has just failed single leg takedown and is still holding your leg.

How To Do Suplex Armbar by Demetrious Johnson

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This video demonstrates Demetrious Johnson's amazing finish he pulled off against Ray Borg.

A Quick Midair Armbar Off The Guard Pull

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Elliott Bayev demonstrates a balloon sweep to armbar combination from the de la Riva guard.

An Easy Throw to Kneebar Combination

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A relatively easy-to-learn throw that leads straight into a submission by Ritchie Yip. This Sumi-Gaeshi to kneebar combo comes from Sambo and works great!

Counter the Single Leg with a Guillotine by Josh Hinger

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Josh Hinger shows a very slick counter to the single leg by setting up his signature 'Hingertine' guillotine. He has done this multiple times in competition at the highest level. This one comes quick! Learn the mos...

Straight Kneebar From Standing by Gokor Chivichyan

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Tighten up your attacks with genius mechanics and hidden details that will take your understanding of the lower body submission game to the next level. Learn old school secrets that aren’t on your opponent’s r...

Standing Leg Locks by Erik Paulson

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Use Paulson’s systematic approach to combination takedowns that ensure you are on top once the battle hits the floor. Dominate with tie-ups that keep your opponent off balance and unready to defend your offensiv...