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A Way to Get the Single Leg Takdown Using the Collar Drag – Alberto Serrano

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This week we take a look into a way to get the single leg takdown using the collar drag

Arm in Guillotine vs Single Leg – Alberto Serrano

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Alberto Serrano of Renzo Gracie Mexico shows an Arm in Guillotine vs Single Leg

Behind The Dirt: Yuri Simoes’ Headwheel Takedown

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Behind The Dirt: Yuri Simoes' Headwheel Takedown.

BJJ Scout: Khabib Nurmagomedov Study Pt 2 – Future Matchups

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BJJ Scout: Khabib Nurmagomedov Study Pt 2 - Future Matchups

Blast Single Leg Off Armdrag – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows some wrestling moves!

Cobrinha teaches the Collar Drag to Single Leg Takedown

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BJJ world champion and two times ADCC champion, Rubens Cobrinha has one of the most respected records in Jiu-Jitsu's history. Known for his stall-free game that always pursues the submission, Cobrinha teaches here a g...

Countering The Single Leg with a Triangle- Travis Stevens

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Judo Olympic silver medalist and BJJ black belt Travis Stevens shows a wicked counter to a single leg!

Failed Single Leg To Arm Drag – Kyle Cerminara

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Failed Single Leg To Arm Drag Kyle Cerminara of Long Island MMA shows us what to do if you fail at attempting a single leg

Finishing Single Leg When Opponent Sprawls – Terrere

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Terrere shows some options for finishing single leg takedown when the opponent sprawls! Take a look

Grips For Single Leg Takedown In Gi Or No Gi – Nick Albin

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If you have a game that cannot move from one realm go to the other then your Brazilian jiu-jitsu is incomplete and not as effective as possible. This is why I like rehashing some of my wrestling techniques to BJJ....

Guillotine counter to single leg – Luta Livre BB Marcio Cromado

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Learn to counter a single leg takedown into a guillotine with Marcio Cromado, one of the best masters of Luta Livre and the founder of the RFT (Renovação Fight Team).

High Crotch Single Leg by Yuri Simoes

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High Crotch Single Leg by Yuri Simoes

High Crotch Single Leg by Yuri Simoes (2x ADCC Champion)

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Yuri Simoes shows one of his favorite takedowns for jiu jitsu - the high crotch single leg. To learn more from Yuri Simoes check out his DVD High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu: Top Game -

How to Do the Single Leg Takedown with the Gi in BJJ

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How to set up and finish the single leg takedown when you're wearing a gi in BJJ with BJJ black belts Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting.

How to recover from a failed single leg

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Kyle Cerminara teaches us another single leg defense. This one is a good option for straight wrestling but it does have its place in submission grappling and no-gi BJJ

How To Reverse a Single Leg Takedown (End Up On Top!)

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Submission Radio Technique of the Week - How to reverse a single leg takedown and end up on top of your opponent - for Gi, no GI BJJ, Sambo and MMA - Demonstrated by BJJ black belt and 74kg 2015 European champion N...

Kimura Counter For Single Leg – Alberto Serrano

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Kimura defense against the single leg takedown

Over Under Single Leg by Alexandre Vieira

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This BJJ Techniques video shows Alexandre teaching the Over Under Single Leg Jiu Jitsu move. This is a clip off of his new instructional series "Linking Half Guard and Pressure Passing by Alexandre Vieira." Lear...

Ryan Bader – Naked Single Leg Defense

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Ryan Bader's Tip of the Week – Naked Single Leg Defense. Reigning UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Henry Cejudo Wants To Show You His Complete System To Takedown Bigger & Stronger Opponents Easily...

Simple Single Leg Setup Against Frankenstein Opponent- Nick Albin

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In this particular video I show how to do a simple single leg takedown setup when you have someone walking into you with their arms stretched out like Frankenstein. In the gi this happens often. Two people walk in...

Single Leg Counter – Andreas Achniotis Perales

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 Andreas Achniotis Perales of Aspida Team Renzo Gracie Cyprus, was recently at Kimura BJJ Serbia and showed an effective way to counter a single leg takedown with an unstoppable sprawl. Andreas is a BJJ black bel...

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