Foot Sweeps

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Cross Grip To Kouchi Gari to a Knee Pick- Jimmy Pedro

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Cross Grip To Kouchi Gari to a Knee Pick- Jimmy Pedro

2 Easy Takedowns for People Who Don’t Do Takedowns

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  Stephan Kesting, Elliott Bayev and Ostap Manastyrsk at Open Mat MMA in Toronto, Canada, discussing the easiest takedowns for people to add to their games.

32 Footsweeps for Judo BJJ

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16 leg sweep techniques shown twice... 1. O soto gari MAJOR OUTER REAP 2. Ko uchi gari MINOR INNER REAP 3. O uchi gari MAJOR INNER REAP 4. Ko soto gari MINOR OUTER REAP 5. Hiza guruma KNEE WHEEL 6. Harai tsuri k...

42 Takedown Techniques in Just 6 Minutes BJJ Grappling – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully: In this video you will find MY favorite takedown techniques that I personally use successfully on a regular basis in training and in competition. These technique reflect my game and are all ...

50 Most Effective Judo Throws- Vladimir Popovic

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Vladimir Popovic, Judo black belt instructor at Trudbenik-Cortega JK in Belgrade, Serbia, shows a set of 50 effective Judo throws.

50/50 Foot sweep – Kyle Cerminara

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Use The Safest Yet Most Effective Takedowns That You Will Ever Need For BJJ: From Adam Wheeler, An Olympic Medalist and Black Belt Masters No Gi World Champion: Kyle Cerminara teaches us two take-down's from th...

Arm Drag to Kouchi Gake- Brandon Mullins

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Block Footsweep Ko Uchi Gari- Travis Stevens

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Judo throws can be difficult to learn. In this video, we teach basic footwork and technique that you should be able to follow along and implement right away in your judo or BJJ. 

Circular Ouchi Gari Setup

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Very nice circular set up to Ouchi Gari...

Double Tap Foot Sweep – Jack Hatton

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Double Tap Foot Sweep - Jack Hatton.

Fernando Terere Seminar – Safada Takedown from BJJLIBRARY.COM

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    Fernando Terere teaches one of his favorite takedowns, the Safada Takedown (Modified Kouchi Maki Komi). Terere used this takedown in many matches, even against people who were 50 pounds heavier tha...

Foot Sweep Takedown- Gustavo Dantas

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  Hey everyone, I'm starting a new section on my youtube channel called the "Tournament Tested Techniques". I will break down techniques that myself and/or others used during competitions. For this first vi...

Footsweep Counter To Stiff Arm- Travis Stevens

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Footsweep Counter To Stiff Arm- Travis Stevens.

Georgian Grip #1 Outside Leg Sweep – Sambo

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Demonstration of the Georgian Grip (over the back belt grip) and how to attack with an outside leg sweep (osoto gari).

Great Judo Sweep By Yoel Romero vs Chris Weidman

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   Some nice Judo from UFC 205: Yoel Romero vs Chris Weidman!      

Head Fake Kouchi Gari

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In this technique we play off of our opponent's reaction to what they think is a forward Morote Seoi Nage. In reality, we attack with a backwards Kouchi Gari. Sell the head fake!

How to Finish Ko Uchi Gari (Foot Sweep) in BJJ

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Judo black belt, European Judo Cup medalist Jimmy Razmadze gives you a quick tip on how to finish failed Ko Uchi Gari foot sweep in BJJ.

Inside trip from an under over position – Kendall Cross

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TechniqueTuesday Kendall Cross, 1996 Olympic gold-medalist and NYC RTC Coach, and Shelton Mack, 3x NCAA qualifier, show you an inside trip from an under over position! Edge Hoboken USA Wrestling Virginia Wrestling

Jacare Souza- Hip Throw & Ankle Pick

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  Great throwing combination from World champion Ronaldo Jacare Souza.

Jacare Souza- Stand up Posture & Throwing Combinations, Standing Wristlock

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Great throwing combination from World champion Ronaldo Jacare Souza. he also shows a nice standing wristlock.

Jimmy Pedro – Foot Trips against stiff arm

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  Sometimes when working takedowns with a very defensive opponent, it can be difficult to execute a throw succesfully. Jimmy Pedro shows us some great simple trips that will work well against a tight stand up ...

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