Side Control

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Kimura Reversal Sweep with Pedro Sauer

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  Professor Pedro Sauer (8th Degree red and black belt) shows how to defend (and sweep) the Kimura when your opponent is in the top cross side position.

5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Escapes From Side Control – Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Escape from side control with a inverted triangle choke

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Check out this fine Escape from side control with a inverted triangle choke

Amazing Side-Control Concepts Transitions to Mount with Kimura – Roger Gracie

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Roger Gracie shows some revelatory concepts combining transitions into side control, mount, kimura grip. Attack Top Position With Systematic Strategy and Technique From 10-Time World Champion and Grappling Legend Rog...

Armbar From Side Control by Demian Maia

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Armbar From Side Control by Demian Maia featuring Bernardo Faria

Quadruple Threat from Side Control – Mike Fowler

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Old school footage of Mike Fowler demonstrating a sequence of four possible submissions from side control when you have one arm trapped: kimura, straight armlock, wristlock and keylock

Unique Way of Setting Up the Kimura- Robert Drysdale

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Video with some great advice on training and a fantastic technique from Robert Drysdale!!

Side control escape against tight top pressure – Nick Albin

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Chewy shows a handy way to escape against tight top pressure

John Danaher Style Kimura

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Learn the set up to the infamous Danaher Kimura.

Side Control Trick- Leave No Chance Of Escape- Keenan Cornelius

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  Keenan Cornelius shows an unusual way of pinning your opponent using the lapel which can also transition into a modified bread cutter choke.

Kurt Osiander – Side Control + Submissions

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Kurt Osiander shows an amazing way to completely immobilize your opponent in Side Control and then progress to some very nasty submissions from there

Renzo Gracie – Side Control Escape Using Effective Frame

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Renzo Gracie shows a simple but brilliant of escaping side control that works well especially with bigger opponents.

2 SIDE CONTROL ESCAPES: Leg Hook 1 and 2 -Christopher Costa

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Professor Christopher "Kuya" Costa is a BJJ Black Belt under Professor Carlos David Oliveira (Roberto Traven Black Belt), founder of the Armed Forces Martial Arts Network. Currently stationed at Osan Air Base teac...

Everything You Want to Know About SideControl Escapes -Douglas Esposito

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Side Control Escapes (but didn't know how to ask)

The definitive guide for trucking and ninja rolling

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Never done the ninja roll or entered the truck? Here's a few ways for you to get familiar with the positions!

Braulio Estima’s Infamous Shoulder Choke- Stuart Cooper

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Stuart Cooper, BJJ Black Belt, coach and renowned film maker/documentarian has here filmed himself for the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on how to execute a sneaky shoulder choke from top side control that is t...

How to Have the Most Brutal Side Control Ever – Roy Marsh

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If you want to be able to effectively submit your opponent, you need to be able to control them first. It's frustrating to pass his guard only to lose control after. Even better, use your control to weaken and exha...

Sneaky Americana Set Up “Answering The Phone” by Renzo Gracie

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As a part of Renzo Gracie “Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” online course, Renzo shows some game changing set up for the Americana. He calls it "Answering the phone" Sign up for the whole course at

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Side Control Escapes (but didn’t know how to ask)

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Never Be Stuck in Side Control ever again!

Bottom Side Control escapes and attacks

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An amazing way to escape the bottom of the Side Control position or actually submit from there with an option of 3 different attacks

Firas Zahabi – Fast and Easy Side-Control Escape

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Firas Zahabi is a brillant coach, so if he shows you a Side Control escape you better stop whatever you are doing and pay a lot of attention

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