Side Control

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Side Contro Escape – Near Side Underhook Escape – Jacare vs Belfort Breakdown

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Gustavo Gasperin breaks down the beautiful side control escape that Vitor Belfort executed against the great Ronaldo Jacare.

Kosen Judo Sankaku-Jime (Triangle Choke) – Tsunetane Oda

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The Triangle choke is older than you can imagine. Check out Tsunetane Oda performing it and some variations at the early 1900s.

Improving Side Control Escapes – Nick Albin

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This is the number 1 BJJ related question  Nick Albin gest from white belts in the beginning. Because they lack the skills to be effective. They spend a lot of time in bad positions like side control and mount. So ...

Side Mount to Mount Transition- Coach Mikal

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Transitioning from Side Mount to Mount with Coach Mikal from Cerebral BJJ

Back Door Side Control Escape with the Details No One Told Me

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David Morcegao, De la rica black belt: "This was probably the first nogi and MMA side control escape I learned, but I found it so hard to do without a lot of muscle and even more luck. These are the details I found I ...

Lapel Choke from Side Control- Rodrigo Totti

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Nice option from side control.

Side Control to Honeyhole – Sean Applegate

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Side Control to 411/Honeyhole/Inside Sankaku by Sean Applegate

Kimura alternative from Side control

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Finish the Kimura from Side Control anyway, doesn't matter your opponent holds the belt to defend

Side Control Trick- Leave No Chance Of Escape- Keenan Cornelius

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  Keenan Cornelius shows an unusual way of pinning your opponent using the lapel which can also transition into a modified bread cutter choke.

Submissions Body Compression if they Hook the Leg to try to Take the Back by Henry Akins

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The scarf hold position may be one of the MOST EFFECTIVE, yet misunderstood positions in all of BJJ. Often the position is viewed as risky in jiu-jitsu, but yet this method of control is a staple in the arsenals of so...

Jason Snapp – Fat boy lapel choke

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The fat boy choke is very easy to apply and looks extremely painful

26 BJJ Positional Escapes In 13 Min – Reverse Scarf Hold, North South, Knee on Belly

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  Detailed videos will be on - In this video Jason Scully shares part 2 of his 4 part positional escape reference series. He demonstrates Reverse Scarf Hold Escapes, North South E...

Cobrinha Teaches Crucifix Attacks

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Cobrinha demonstrating a series of attacks from the sidemount transitioning to the crucifix position.

Arm Triangle (Katagatame) from Side Control- Jeremy Arel

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From BJJ black belt Jeremy 'Gerbil' Arel: In this video I show an alternate setup for the Arm Triangle. Everything about the submission is the same but requires a little more control over your body and a smoother tra...

Preventing Side Control

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If you find yourself usually in bottom side-control you must watch this video

Side Control Escapes Part3: James ‘300’ Foster

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straight armlock from side control

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BJJ black belt Jaime jara showing a nice set up to the ude gatame/straight armlock from side control.

Knee on Neck Control by Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

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This is BJJ world champion and ADCC champ Roberto Cyborg Abreu's trademark knee on neck control that he has used time and time again to control and submit at the highest levels of competition. Roberto "Cyborg" Abre...

Unique Choke by Jay Bell

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This looks like a very strong and tight choke and can be actually done from some different positions

Massive Mistake While Escaping Side Control- David Morcegao

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Do you struggle to escape side control?? It probably all stems back to this one crucial detail...

Underhook Escape by Andre Galvao

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Use this complete course from André Galvão to learn the side control escapes that will let you get away, get on top, and even get the tap! André teaches you his total system for staying safe and escaping from on...

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