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Firas Zahabi – Fast and Easy Side-Control Escape

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Firas Zahabi is a brillant coach, so if he shows you a Side Control escape you better stop whatever you are doing and pay a lot of attention

How to tap a Heavier Stronger Opponent from the Side Control -Andreas Achniotis Perales

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How to tap a Heavier Stronger Opponent from the Side Control by Andreas Achniotis Perales This is my first introductory video and for how to tap a heavier stronger opponent from the side control! #bjj #sideco...

How to Relax when you’re Stuck Under a Heavy Side Control – Nick Albin

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Do you ever panic when you're stuck in the bottom of side control? This is the issue that Bob is having. Bob says he is the smallest person in his gym and gets stuck in the bottom of side control. And while he kno...

Ryan Hall Back Attacks – The Rolling Back Attack

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  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt sensation Ryan Hall returns to video with Back Attacks, his newest instructional series with World Martial Arts. This project follows his popular teaching method of explaining ...

4 Hacks To Increase Side Control Pressure – Tom Davey

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One of the biggest differences between rolling with a new BJJ athlete vs a more experienced practitioner of the pressure! In this video I discuss 4 different little tricks & hacks you can bring to the game to...

Kimura from Side Control with Freddy Trillo

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Freddy Trillo is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the owner of Trillo Academy in Miami, Florida. In this video, Freddy walks us through how to secure a deep and secure Kimura grip from the side control position...

Triple Arm Attack Trap From Side Control – Renzo Gracie

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Learn the triple attack that Renzo Gracie used to finish Maurice Smith in a 1999 Rings event. After reaching side control, Gracie traps the head and one of the arms with the triangle mechanic. Then he shifts to hi...

Americana Armlock: The Three Most Common Errors

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  How to do the Americana Armlock correctly, by Stephan Kesting from

Bicep Slicer From Bottom Side Control

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Make your opponents fear for their arms every time they have you under side control

Hillbilly Twister- So Simple, So Powerful

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Hillbilly twister by Coach Mike of Kimura BJJ Serbia! This one is powerful and so simple ???????????? When you get the pillow choke, you threaten mount with your knee on belly, when the opponent puts up the knee to de...

Crucifix Transition and Submission Tutorial

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Andrew Laxa shows one of his favorite ways to transition into the crucifix position and submit

Romulo Barral Teaches Triple Attack With Mounted Triangle Finish

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World champion Romulo Barral teaches a series of attacks from Side Control finishing with the Mounted Triangle.

Everything You Want to Know About SideControl Escapes -Douglas Esposito

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Side Control Escapes (but didn't know how to ask)

N/S Choke Off Darce Attempt From Side Control – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows another interesting side control combo

Interesting Shoulder Lock from Side Control – Greg Walker

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I had the pleasure of filming Professor Greg Walker who taught two attacks from side control. The paper cutter is my favorite attack from side control, but this variation with the hip switch and facing away was ne...

Kimura Defense Into Armbar | Evolve University

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  In this video, ONE FC fighters and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Silver Medalist Almiro Barros teaches a kimura defense into armbar attack.

John Danaher Kimura from Side Control – David Branch

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Brazilian jIu Jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie and John Danaher, David Branch, instructing at EDGE Wrestling teaches you how to run the meanest and most effective Kimura

Running Escape from Side Control – Saulo Ribeiro

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  Here is The Running Escape technique as taught by Saulo Ribeiro. Part of the incredible World Martial Arts DVD Video Series Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2!

Side Control Smash Armbar -Ricardo Cavalcanti

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Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows us a vicious armbar from side control.

Essential BJJ Submissions from Side Control

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Charles Negromonte, Roger Gracie Academy HQ Coach, former IBJJF South American Champion and World level athlete here goes over some of his favourite submissions from side control in BJJ making this a must watch video ...

Rafael Mendes | Omoplata Details from Top Side Control

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Rafael Mendes | Omoplata Details from Top Side Control

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