North South

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Ude Garami Arm Lock from North/South – Carlos “Português” Vieira

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How to perform an Ude Garami when you opponent defends the Kimura from North/South which can be used for Gi and No-Gi

Hatchet Choke- Jamie Jara

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MMA Fighter and BJJ black belt Jamie Jara shows a brutal choke from North South.

Countering The Body Hug from North/South Bottom- Jeremy Arel

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From Jeremy Arel: In this video I show a counter to being hugged by the person on bottom. In general it's a bad idea to hug anyone from Mount bottom or North/South Bottom. Although it's general knowledge that you ...

Kimura to Choke/Back Take- Leo Queiroz

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North South Choke by Marcelo Garcia

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  Marcelo Garcia talks with Stephan Kesting about how to set up and execute the North South choke.

North South Choke- Robert Drysdale

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North South Escape- James “300″ Foster

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James "300" Foster, 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, shows a great north south escape.

North South Choke Variation 1 Arm In

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From Jeremie Arel: This is another video in the North/South Choke series. I have a lot of students ask me how to deal with the arm that is in. In this video I address that situation. Having your opponent's arm caug...

Kimura Defense from North South- Ricardo Cavalcanti

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North South Escape- Kurt Osiander

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