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Armbar / Omoplata transition from Mount With Clark Gracie

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Master Ricardo Cavalcanti along with Clark Gracie show a transition from armbar to omoplata. For more visit and

Ronda Rousey – Grip Break to Arm Bar

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Unless you've been living under a rock these days, you probably know who Ronda Rousey is. Just in case you have been residing under ground (maybe you were intent on the Mayan's being correct), let me fill you in on Ro...

Submission from mount, concept – Jeff Glover

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 Jeff Glover seminar in full effect       Jeff Glover seminar in full effect @youjitsu @psbjj_2006 A video posted by Rio Jiu Jitsu Chicago (@petethegreek__) on May 11, 2016 at 8:57pm PDT

Setting Up an Arm Submission From Mount – Drysdale

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Robert Drysdale  answers this question: "I'm having trouble getting people to open their arms when I'm in mount. It's the head and arm movie (#71). In the start when he wraps the head and the arm ( he refers to it ...

Armbar Choke

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Emma and Coach Chase show a great option when you are unable to break your opponent's grip

Phantom choke- Mario Sperry

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Mario Sperry shows a submission when his opponent defendes mount

Eddie Bravo Details on Setting Up Arm Triangle

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Eddie Bravo dropping knowledge on the arm-triangle.  

Cross Choke from Mount – Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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  Roger Gracie Black Belt, Nic Gregoriades shows some great details to the cross choke from the mount. Want More Simple Tools that Improve Jiu Jitsu Fast? Go to WWW.BJJBUILDINGBLOCKS.COM

Arm Triangle from Mount – Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's move of the week: Arm Triangle from Mount

Guillotine Options: Guillotine to Anaconda to Mounted Guillotine -Rodrigo Kim

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Great sequence of techniques en español from Professor Rodrigo Kim at Renzo Gracie Academia Centro, Mexico City, Mexico.

Georges St-Pierre Teaches An Armbar from the top position.

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   Georges St-Pierre demonstrating armbar from the top position.    

Kurt Osiander – Triangle from Mount

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Triangle from Mount by Kurt Osiander

Demian Maia Masterclass On Mount Attacks

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Enjoy 1 hour on the mount from Demian Maia.

Simple Mount Choke for Submission Setups or Risky Guard Break

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The Thrust Choke is super simple BJJ mount choke or submission setup but can be deceptively effectively if used correctly. Because of it's simplicity it's one of those BJJ techniques that can be easy to defend. Bu...

Roger Gracie, Armbar From Mount

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  In this video Roger shows you how to set up an armbar from the mount through a cross collar choke set up. Assisting him is 2014 No-Gi World Champion, AJ Agazarm.

Arm Lock from the Mount – Drilling and Positioning – Guilherme Pinheiro

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Guilherme Pinheiro and Didi Martins. • Position : - Guilherme shows the classical arm lock from the mount and then he shows a drill of this position.

“Neil Adams” Arm Bar/Juji-Gatame roll Combination Tutorial

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Pedro Bessa Black Belt, Craig Ewers demonstrates the Neil Adams arm bar. Craig trained with Neil when Craig was part of the Welsh Judo Squad. Craig went on to coach the National Team and is also an active black bel...


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Great Cross Choke Detail – Nikola Skoric

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 Great detail that will make sure the Cross Choke becomes your go-to technique from the Mount!      

3 Attacks from the Gift Wrap – Art Of JiuJitsu

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 Watch some options from the gift Wrap position by AoJ       This morning in 6AM Fundamentals | 3 attacks from the "Gift Wrap" | watch the full technique videos at artofjiujitsu...

Kimura When You’re Mounted – No Gi BJJ Technique

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How do you armbar someone when YOU are mounted? Alexander Neufang, one of the best in Germany, shows us his variation of the Kimura armbar that can work even when you're mounted by someone. Alex starts off with the pe...

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