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Mother’s Milk Submission Smother Choke- David Morcegao

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Want to make more friends in training? Bust this out next time your spar! Great technique by De La Riva black belt David Moregao.

The AWESOME S Mount ATTACK! – Tom Davey

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The s mount might be my favorite mount position - why? because it is a real kill position. There are so many options for you from S-mount and none of them are good for your opponent. Check this video out. Try it on th...

Jiu Jitsu Submissions chained together

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Chris Light, head instructor at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy Beverly Hills, showing a technique chain of four submissions.

Kimura When You’re Mounted – No Gi BJJ Technique

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How do you armbar someone when YOU are mounted? Alexander Neufang, one of the best in Germany, shows us his variation of the Kimura armbar that can work even when you're mounted by someone. Alex starts off with the pe...

How to finish the HEAVIEST arm bar from mount BJJ – Ben Egli

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How to finish the HEAVIEST arm bar from mount BJJ | "Mount Kill-'Em-In-Armbar"

Panda Paw Americana Variation- Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes is a multiple time Grapplers Quest and NAGA champion, a bronze medalist at the Pan Americans, as well as a NY Open champion, and Boston Open champion. He currently holds the rank of Black Belt in Brazil...

Armbar Trap From The Mount – Jordan Lutsky

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Armbar Trap From The Mount By Jordan Lutsky "Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora - MG, Brazil at the age of 14 in 2001. After receiving the Black Be...

Ricardo Liborio – Mount submissions

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Ricardo Liborio shows an amazing and unexpected way to finish from the Mount position. Don't miss it!

Countering the ‘answering the phone’ defense to arm triangle with an arm-in Ezekiel choke

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Countering the ‘answering the phone’ defense to arm triangle with an arm-in Ezekiel choke by Gile Huni of Kimura Bjj Serbia.

Cross choke from Mount- Keenan Cornelius

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  Check out Keenan Cornelius’ favorite way of setting up the cross choke. Some great details here:

Roger Gracie – Guillotine from Butterfly + Sweep

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The one and only, Roger Gracie, shows a Guillotine from the butterfly guard + a sweep from the same position.

Mount | Shoulder Lock with Professor Christopher Costa

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Mount | Shoulder Lock with Professor Christopher Costa feat BJJ Joe

Wrist Locks from Mount and Side Control Position

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For more go to: VT-1 Gym in Chatswood, Sydney have the next Critical BJJ Technique video up on wrist locks. In the second video we show a series of wrist locks that you can use in combinations fr...

How to Finish the Armbar from the Top of Mount

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Finishing on the top will increase your success rate. It creates less openings for escapes and makes your opponent far more uncomfortable

Darce Choke to Mounted Finish ~ Cobrinha

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Cobrihna shares a story from his first ADCC and explains the benefits of finishing the Darce choke from a mounted position.

Ronda Rousey – Grip Break to Arm Bar

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Unless you've been living under a rock these days, you probably know who Ronda Rousey is. Just in case you have been residing under ground (maybe you were intent on the Mayan's being correct), let me fill you in on Ro...

Simple Triangle From Mount by Benji Silva

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Discover ways to enter into the Triangle that many athletes haven’t even seen yet! Learn the base Triangle from closed guard, and then apply it from EVERYWHERE! Snag the Triangle, and continually secure the fini...

Armbar from Back Mount – Keenan Cornelius

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 Keenan Cornelius Sub of the week, great armbar from back mount.     Submission of the week! Armbar from Back Mount???? new video posted - go check it out at KEENANONLINE.COM! Repost: @commonb...


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3 Attacks from the Gift Wrap – Art Of JiuJitsu

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 Watch some options from the gift Wrap position by AoJ       This morning in 6AM Fundamentals | 3 attacks from the "Gift Wrap" | watch the full technique videos at artofjiujitsu...

Handy Combo By Caio Terra Ending in Armlock

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 One Legged X Pass➡️Mount➡️Armlock If you noticed what I did to not let him recover guard while I was passing comment below       2015 NoGi Worlds Semi Finals One Legged X Pa...

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