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Simple Triangle From Mount by Benji Silva

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Discover ways to enter into the Triangle that many athletes haven’t even seen yet! Learn the base Triangle from closed guard, and then apply it from EVERYWHERE! Snag the Triangle, and continually secure the fini...

Making Your Americana Lock More Effective by Andre Galvao

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Maximize your potential from side control with this 8 hour fundamental master class from elite competitor and instructor Andre Galvao. Andre is a 6-time IBJJF World Champion at black belt, 6-time ADCC World Cham...

Mount Head & Arm Choke by Henry Akins

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Learn Mount Attacks from Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Henry Akins! Uncover HIDDEN details that open an all-new perspective to securing submissions from one of Jiu-Jitsu’s most dominant positions...the MOUNT!

Countering the ‘answering the phone’ defense to arm triangle with an arm-in Ezekiel choke

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Countering the ‘answering the phone’ defense to arm triangle with an arm-in Ezekiel choke by Gile Huni of Kimura Bjj Serbia.

Great Details To Cross Collar Choke From Mount

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Cross Choke from mount from Dentinho of Rillion Gracie Houston.

Different Ezequiel Choke by Adam Childs & Bernardo Faria

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Very cool set up for the ezequiel choke.

How to Stop Losing Mount In BJJ (And Add More Pressure On Top) – Nick Albin

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Would you like to have more pressure from the Mount position in BJJ? The Mount can be one of the best position in BJJ if you know how to use it. You can slowly squeeze the life from your opponent and setup the ...

Mount | Shoulder Lock with Professor Christopher Costa

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Mount | Shoulder Lock with Professor Christopher Costa feat BJJ Joe

Mother’s Milk Submission Smother Choke- David Morcegao

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Want to make more friends in training? Bust this out next time your spar! Great technique by De La Riva black belt David Moregao.

5 Ways to Escape Full Mount (+ Set Up Heel Hook) w/Bruno Pucci

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2x No-Gi World Champion Bruno Pucci shows 5 ways to escape full mount, in a basic-to-advanced progression. In the last escape, he teaches how to set up a heel hook, after bridging into x-guard.

This One Sucks For your Opponent: Armpit Armbar

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Great option coming off a failed cross collar choke. You wedge your elbow in between their forearm and bicep and just trap their arm under your armpit and squeeze! Nice BJJ Gi by Doordie Hyperfly.

How to beat a tight defense from the Mount position

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to deal with a tight defense from the Mount position setting up an easy Armbar.

Kurt Osiander’s Self Defense Armlock

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Kurt Osiander's move of the week.

High Pressure armbar from mount- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander shows a nice transition from arm triangle to armbar from mount using a lot of pressure.

Mount escapes to leglocks – Reilly Bodycomb

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Reilly put together quite a treat for Panda Nation: 9 minutes of instruction on transitioning from your mount escape into a leg attack.

Guillotine Choke From Mount – ZombieProofBJJ

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How to do a Guillotine Choke from Mount ☠️

15 High Percentage Attacks from Mount

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Here are some of the best, high percentage submissions from the mount. The mount, while a very dominant position, isn't always the easiest to find submissions from against an opponent with solid defense. These attacks...

Mount to Monoplata

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A great submission from the mount or even quarter guard.

Demian Maia Masterclass On Mount Attacks

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Enjoy 1 hour on the mount from Demian Maia.

Mount Attacks: Americana / Armbar – Franjo Artukovic

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BJJ Joe brings another great instructional

Armbar Finishing Options- Kit Dale

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Here is a short concept for my new newsletter featuring weekly 5 minute videos on concepts that can help your game, immediately. This one is on the topic of finishing the armbar, recorded in Vegas with my friend David...

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