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Filipe Costa – Lapel guillotine from the Half Guard

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Filipe Costa shows a very tight Guillotine from the top Half Guard using your opponent's lapel

Submission and Passing from Top Half Guard Tutorial

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Guilherme Araujo, gives a tutorial on how to submit your opponent or pass from top half guard in BJJ

Straight Ankle Lock And Counter Against Common Escape

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The straight ankle is a must have for every grappler. It is a fundamental technique that can set the stage for other more advanced leg locks later on.

DLR Pass to Triangle

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De la Riva Guard Pass to reverse Triangle Choke

Choke from the Turtle position

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Lapel choke from the top Turtle

Banana split from the Truck

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Karl Nemeth shows the Banana split and Crotch ripper from the truck

Inside heel hook from the Leg drag

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BJJ Black Belt Karl Nemeth shows a basic Inside heel hook from the Leg drag position

Basic ankle lock

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BJJ Black Belt Karl Nemeth gives a VERY detailed explanation on the straight foot lock

Inverted grip Clock Choke

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And Old School but always effective submission from the Top Turtle position

Outside In Calfslicer

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Calf slicer from the 50/50 position which can also be hit from top de la Riva

Closed guard opening to Straight foot lock and Heel Hook

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Very good leg attacks setups from the moment you open your opponent's Closed guard

Kurt Osiander – Loop Choke

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Kurt Osiander teaches a very effective choke which your opponent will barely see it coming

Attacking the neck of the Guard Player

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Learn several effective ways of attacking the neck of the guard player

Double Under Pass to Kimura

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An ingenious way to complete the Double Under pass and transition right away to the Kimura

Step Over Choke

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Brad Wolfson demonstrates a sneaky choke off of the knee slice pass

Cromado – Guillotine Blitzkrieg

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Cromado shows exactly what you need to do to submit when your opponent pulls guard and is doing the Butterfly guard in front of you

If you can’t pass the guard attack the legs

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André Ushirobira and Felipe Braga show a very good way to attack a Toe Hold when you cannot pass the De la Riva guard

Collar Choke from Knee Slice

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A DEEP choke that you can apply when passing with a knee slice.

Carlson Gracie Style Half Guard Choke- Gabor Fodor, Carlson Gracie Hungary

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Gabor ‘Foczo’ Fodor is a BJJ black belt under Mihály Sztraka. He is an instructor at Carlson Gracie Hungary, Budapest. he has won Gracie Invitational in blue belt division, Bristol Open, when he was purple, Hungarian ...

Brutal step over Clock choke

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Brutal choke from top Turtle position. This will get your neck sore just from watching!

How to Do the D’Arce & Japanese Necktie Chokes

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Denis Kang and Stephan Kesting shows you how to make your D'Arce and Japanese necktie chokes more effective.