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Knife Choke From Top Turtle Position

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If you have never heard about the knife choke you better check this video because it is highly effective

4 Chained Attacks From The Inverted Half Guard – João Chiozzi

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Learn these 4 powerful leg attacks from the Inverted Half Guard position. Guaranteed you will pile up submissions after learning this sequence

Vaporizer From Top Turtle Position

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Getting to The Truck position can open to you several options to attack the legs, very painful options for your opponent

Shime-Waza – The Alligator Death Roll

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A very powerful choke that even if not successful, opens space for many other attacks from Side Control

Footlock From Top De la Riva Guard

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A good option when you get an opponent with a very good De la Riva Guard

Japanese Turnover – Ivo dos Santos

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Wow, that seems to be a very easy and yet effective way to setup an Arm Triangle from top Turtle position

De la Riva Pass To Calf Slicer – Mauro Ayres

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A very painful submission you can do when trying to pass your opponent's De la Riva Guard

Half Guard Leg Knot

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Learn  how the Back Step can be used to attack the legs. Aggressive back stepping with posture can against a Half Guard player can be a great way to step up all kinds of leg attacks.

Top Turtle Strangle by 2012 Olympian Ivo Dos Santos

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2012 Olympian, Ivo dos Santos, shows how to finish from the top turtle position with a lapel choke

Matt Arroyo – Slick Heel hook/Ankle Lock

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Watch as Matt Arroyo shows how to get a slick ankle lock or heel hook of your choice when someone is trying to get back to guard!

Submissions Are Everywhere!: Episode 09 – The Shamrock Spladle & Cromwell’s Curse

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Have a look at these very unusual submissions that will hurt very deeply not only your opponent's joints but also his ego

Calf Slicer From Top Closed Guard

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Open the guard, setup and submit... couldn't be easier!

Toe Hold From Top De la Riva – Daniel Rott

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Old School Black belt Daniel Rott shows how to finish the fight quickly with this Toe Hold from the top of the De la Riva Guard

Rubens Cobrinha – Knee Slide to Baseball Choke

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Cobrinha shows a very strong  Baseball Choke from the knee slide pass position

Collar Choke From Top Half Guard

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The Collar Choke from the top half guard you are probably not doing but should

How To Do the Brabo Choke In The Gi

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Step-by-step instructions for doing the Brabo Choke from half guard (or side mount) in the gi

Toe Hold From Top Open Guard

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Finish the fight right away with this strong Toe Hold submission from the Open Guard

The Gallows Choke

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A choking grip that is so tight your opponent can try whatever he wants to escape this choke that is a sure submission when properly applied

Heel Hook From The Top

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UFC Light Heavyweight fighter and BJJ black belt Anthony Perosh shows how to perform a Heel Hok from the top postion

Leg In Triangle Choke with Tom Gavrilos

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Tom Gavrilos of GAV360 shows how to set up the leg in triangle (electric Triangle)

Rafael Formiga – Clock choke

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Rafael Formiga gives some very important tips on how to finish the Clock choke