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Renzo Gracie’s 100% Success Toe hold From Half guard

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At the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Seminar, Master Renzo Gracie showed one of his specialties: Toe Hold from half guard against the knee shield. Notice how important it is the block the lower leg. The Most Comprehensive C...

Crazy & unique Stack Pass Submission

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Have you ever seen this one?

Roger Gracie, Setting Up the Ezekiel Choke

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  In this video for Roger breaks down his secrets that set the World Championships on fire and how he either uses his gi chokes to pass the guard and get the mount or use the threat of ...

Invisible Toe Hold vs Knee Shield- Gustavo Ximu

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  Gustavo Ximu Machado, a 3rd degree BJJ black belt shows us a really sneaky and painful way of attacking your opponent's bottom foot from inside the knee shield. Your opponent will have to tap fast or suffer ...

Draculino – Lapel Choke from Half Guard

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BJJ legend, Draculino, shows a very nasty and effective choke from the half guard.

How to Do the Estima Lock in BJJ

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The Estima Lock is a footlock attack that you can use against the open guard. In this video Rob Biernacki breaks it down for you.

How to Do the D’Arce & Japanese Necktie Chokes

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Denis Kang and Stephan Kesting shows you how to make your D'Arce and Japanese necktie chokes more effective.

Leandro Lo Teaches Kimura From Inverted Top Half

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  Multiple time world champion Leandro Lo teaches an awesome submission.

If you can’t pass the guard attack the legs

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André Ushirobira and Felipe Braga show a very good way to attack a Toe Hold when you cannot pass the De la Riva guard

Arm Triangle to Sweep – Firas Zahabi

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Considered to be the easiest submission and sweep combination you will learn to use your hips, elevator hook, find where your opponent has no "base" and an easy to do finishing hold.

Windshield Wiper From Half Guard To Footlock- Gile Huni

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    Windshield wiper from half guard to foot lock- Guillaume (Gile) Huni, BJJ black belt and head instructor of Kimura BJJ in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Inescapable Toehold From De La Riva by Dean Lister

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The Inescapable Toehold From De La Riva by Dean Lister.

Behind The Back Guard Pass – Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson demonstrates how to effectively set up arm triangles using the behind the back guard pass

Inverted grip Clock Choke

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And Old School but always effective submission from the Top Turtle position

Kimura Trap From Top Half-Guard

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Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to take the back from top half-guard using the Kimura trap.

Toreando Pass to Choke- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Toreando Pass to Choke.

Standing rolling loop choke – Marcelino Freitas

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Marcelino Freitas instructs on how to execute perfect loop choke while facing an opponent in butterfly guard

Straight Ankle Lock And Counter Against Common Escape

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The straight ankle is a must have for every grappler. It is a fundamental technique that can set the stage for other more advanced leg locks later on.

Half Guard Leg Knot

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Learn  how the Back Step can be used to attack the legs. Aggressive back stepping with posture can against a Half Guard player can be a great way to step up all kinds of leg attacks.

Butterfly Guard Pass to Reverse Heel Hook- Augusto Frota

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  Augusto Frota of Frota Academy shows a nasty reverse heel hook when passing the butterfly guard! Reversal heel hook ☠ Works for me, let me know if works for u as well ?...

Can’t Break Full Guard in BJJ? Try this Painful Choke to Open Guard

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A really frustration situation in BJJ is when a long legged person locks up Full Guard, squeezes and doesn't open.

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