Half Guard

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Attacks from Half-guard by Rafael “Sapo” Natal

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A position made famous by Roberto “Gordo” Correa in the competitive scene of the 1990s, the offensive half-guard has been studied and improved upon ever since. With each new season, we observe, in both arenas and dojo...

7 BJJ Back Step Drills And Submissions

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7 different techniques that you can use with the back step in BJJ. It starts from solo movements and progress into several quick submissions that can be taken from the position

Brabo Choke Sequence from Half Guard- Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes is a multiple time Grapplers Quest and NAGA champion, a bronze medalist at the Pan Americans, as well as a NY Open champion, and Boston Open champion. He currently holds the rank of Black Belt in Brazil...

Achilles Lock – Tom DeBlass

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Fun setup for the Achilles lock by Tom DeBlass Fun set up for the achilles lock with Choke Lab filming yesterday. #Repost @choke_lab with @repostapp ・・・ For all our leg hunters out there here is a choke_lab...

Roger Gracie Half Guard Passes- Dan Lukehart

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Dan Lukehart (now a BJJ black belt and instructor at Brea Jiu-Jitsu) does an amazing job analysing Roger Gracie's game!

Andre Galvao Shares “Half guard Passing Secret”

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In this position Professor Andre Galvao shows how to pass the half guard using the windshield wiper pass.

Fernando Tererê teaches how to pass the half guard

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Fernando Tererê teaches how to pass the half guard

Leg Attacks From Kneeslide Guard Pass

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When you are passing the guard with the knee slide pass, there are a few leg attack options available if your foot gets stuck.

Backstep toe hold

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How good are you really in leg attacks? Check out then this Toe hold submission.

Half guard top choke by Kashiwazaki

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Check out this Lapel choke from the top of the Half Guard in which you don't actually need both grips on the collar to submit

Half guard pass

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Don't be stuck in the Half Guard, pass right through it with this great pass

Filipe Costa – Lapel guillotine from the Half Guard

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Filipe Costa shows a very tight Guillotine from the top Half Guard using your opponent's lapel

Sode Guruma Jime – Ezekiel Choke

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If you want to know everything there is to the Ezekiel choke you have to watch this video

Rolling Back Take from Half Guard- Brad Wolfson

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Soulcraft head instructor, Brad Wolfson, demonstrates the the rolling back take from top side control. www.soulcraftbjj.com, www.macarrabjj.com

Ricardo Liborio – Half guard sweep counter + submission

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American Top Team HQ, Head Coach Ricardo Liborio and Mike Thomas Brown demonstrates how to block the Half Guard Sweep plus a submission.

Gogoplata – Luciano Nucci Casquinha

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Luciano Nucci "Casquinha", Alliance Sao Paulo black belt, teaches you how to perform the Gogoplata.

Passing deep half guard

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Passing and attacking from the top Deep Half guard.

Taking The Back From Half-Guard- Caio Terra

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Caio Terra shows how to take the back from half-guard.

Submissions Are Everywhere!: Episode 3 – Mr. Americano

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Jim applies the study of planar geometry and anatomy in way never before conceived....on limbs!

Half Guard Pass With An Unexpected Lapel Choke – BJJ United

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    Half Guard Pass With An Unexpected Lapel Choke !       A video posted by BJJ UNITED (@bjj_united) on Nov 16, 2016 at 4:42pm PST

Effective Passes and Submissions from top Half Guard – Valmyr Neto

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Effective Passes and Submissions from top Half Guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here with Valmyr Neto, renowned BJJ athlete, Pro MMA Fighter and Checkmat 3rd degree Black Belt make this a must watch video filmed for the W...

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