Half Guard

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Standing Half Guard Pass Into D’arce- Renato Cardoso

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 Decorated champ Renato Cardoso demonstrates his favored way to setup the D'Arce choke from Standing half huard pass         Uma posição muito boa pra vocês! Espero que consigam...

NoGi Leg Drag vs Half Guard – Josh Mancuso

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NoGi Leg Drag vs Half Guard via Josh Mancuso's Technique of The Week series

Submitting deep half guard with crucifix position

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In this video we go through submits to deep half guard. Transition to crucifix position and choke and armbar from crucifix. Also attacks from crucifix while opponent tries to escape.

The Gregg lock for No-Gi

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Long Island MMA head coach Gregg DePasquale shows us how to do one of his favorite techniques the "Gregg Lock".

Leandro Lo Teaches Kimura From Inverted Top Half

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  Multiple time world champion Leandro Lo teaches an awesome submission.

How Catch Wrestling Wrecks The Half Guard

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Neil Melanson Shows A Nasty Catch Wrestling Series Against Half Guard

Mount From The Half Guard – Rodolfo Vieira

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Rodolfo Vieira teaching how to mount from the half guard.

Top Lock Clinch – Eddie Bravo

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 Eddie Bravo demonstrates the Top Lock Clinch as a part of Mastering the System episode 5       #MasteringTheSystem episode 105 "Top Lock Clinch" is now LIVE! Go to 10thplanetjj...

1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack – Belly Up Half Guard Pass

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1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack - Belly Up Half Guard Pass

Armbar Against Deep Half Guard- Marcelo Garcia

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Collar Choke From Top Half Guard

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The Collar Choke from the top half guard you are probably not doing but should

Prof John Machado – TWO WAYS to PASS the Half Guard!

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What a great time and experience I am having Dallas. I get to learn with the legends in the sport. In this quick little video, the master - Prof John Machado...takes me over two ways to pass the half guard. Awesom...

Submissions Are Everywhere!: Episode 09 – The Shamrock Spladle & Cromwell’s Curse

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Have a look at these very unusual submissions that will hurt very deeply not only your opponent's joints but also his ego

Half guard pass

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Don't be stuck in the Half Guard, pass right through it with this great pass

Foot Lock from the Half Guard – Edwin Najmi

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Edwin Najmi teaches a foot lock from the half guard in which he included a personal tweak.

Cross Choke setup from halfguard – Robson Moura

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 IBJJF Hall of famer shows his technique of the week       Hi everyone I'm back with RMNU technique of the week, ok you like please share this technique with your friends and traini...

Butterfly Half Guard Pass – Pedro Sauer

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Master Pedro Sauer shows some details for Butterfly Half Guard Pass

Deep Half Guard Escape to Back Take- James Foster

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James "300" Foster demonstrates an escape from Deep Half Guard to reversal to take the back.

Half guard Kimura sequence

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Amazing Kimura from the Half guard and counter.

Backstep Knee Cut Pass with lots of Key Details

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Some Sweet Micro Details to this pass as shown by Steve Campbell.

Deep Half Guard Secrets Not Everyone Will Tell You

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Details you cannot miss if you ever want to have a good Half Guard.

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