Half Guard

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Power Knee Slice using Palm Down Grip with Xande Ribeiro

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    Xande teaches how to pass the guard with the power knee slice using the palm down grip. Get full access to the "Mastering the Knee Slice" series with Xande Ribeiro at: http://bjjnetflix.com/affi...

Throwback: John Danaher – Half Guard Pass

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John Danaher talks best Half Guard Pass and demonstrates in some long forgotten footage for a news segment

Half Guard Pass With An Unexpected Lapel Choke – BJJ United

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    Half Guard Pass With An Unexpected Lapel Choke !       A video posted by BJJ UNITED (@bjj_united) on Nov 16, 2016 at 4:42pm PST

Wrist lock from the half guard – Matheus Diniz

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The 2015 Pan No-Gi black belt open class champion reveals his secret weapon. The submission technique he used to defeat Garry Tonon in the absolute final.

Straight Armbar vs Framing Opponent (NOGI)

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Nick Bohli | Straight Armbar vs Framing Opponent (NOGI) | artofjiujitsu.com.

Submissions Are Everywhere!: Episode 09 – The Shamrock Spladle & Cromwell’s Curse

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Have a look at these very unusual submissions that will hurt very deeply not only your opponent's joints but also his ego

Andre Galvao Shares “Half guard Passing Secret”

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In this position Professor Andre Galvao shows how to pass the half guard using the windshield wiper pass.

Mount From The Half Guard – Rodolfo Vieira

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Rodolfo Vieira teaching how to mount from the half guard.

Roger Gracie Half Guard Passes- Dan Lukehart

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Dan Lukehart (now a BJJ black belt and instructor at Brea Jiu-Jitsu) does an amazing job analysing Roger Gracie's game!

3 Leg Locks vs Deep Half Guard- Robert Drysdale

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Robert Drysdale shows 3 effective ways to counter the deep half guard waiter sweep with leglocks! A video posted by Robert Drysdale (@robertdrysdalejj) on Jan 4, 2017 at 7:27pm PST

The Carni vs Deep Half Guard – 10th Planet

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Yesterday we watched a video of a weird submission at the Pan Ams 2007. Some commenters likened it to a Carni position in the 10th planet system. Take a look at Carni variation against Deep Half Guard

Keenan Cornelius – The Shoulder Choke

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Keenan Cornelius shows you the infamous Shoulder Choke

Double Over Pass From Half Guard by Yuri Simoes

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Double Over Pass From Half Guard by Yuri Simoes

Half Guard Pass To Armbar Drill – UFC’s Felice Herrig

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 UFC's Felice Herrig working the guard pass from half guard to arm bar drills    

Prof John Machado – TWO WAYS to PASS the Half Guard!

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What a great time and experience I am having Dallas. I get to learn with the legends in the sport. In this quick little video, the master - Prof John Machado...takes me over two ways to pass the half guard. Awesom...

“Leg Trap” to Leg Drag – Gui Mendes

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  Gui Mendes' favorite technique to pass the guard       one of my favorite techniques to pass the guard is the "leg trap" to leg drag - I've been working this technique lat...

How to Pass Half Guard with a Proven, High Percentage Technique – Stephan Kesting

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How to pass your opponent's half guard in a. way that keeps you safe from his sweeps, submissions and other attacks.

Guard Pass w/ Back Take & Choke- Tanquinho

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http://www.bjjweekly.com Tanquinho shows us a variation on a guard pass that ends with taking your opponents back. It's very important to make sure and control the leg you are rolling over with this technique. He fini...

Attacking the Toe Hold from the Top of Half Guard

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Check out this setup to attack with the Toe Hold from the top of the Half Guard

Roger Gracie – Reverse Half Guard Pass

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Roger Gracie shows a Reverse Half Guard Pass

Half guard pass

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Who was never stuck trying to pass the half guard?

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