Double Under

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2 Back Takes from the Double Under Pass – Josh Mancuso

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Josh Mancuso of BJJ Revolution shows two Back takes from the Double Under Pass.

5 Unorthodox Submissions to Counter the Double Under Guard Pass – Valmyr Neto

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Valmyr Neto, renowned BJJ athlete, Pro MMA Fighter and Checkmat 3rd degree Black Belt is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on 5 submissions he likes to utilise against opponents trying to pass hi...

Carlson Gracie Style Double Unders Guard Pass

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Alain Pozo, BJJ Black Belt and Head coach of Carlson Gracie Essex is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on how to pass guard using the double unders in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Crazy & unique Stack Pass Submission

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Have you ever seen this one?

De La Riva Pass – Andre Galvao

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One of the most offensive jiu jiteiros out there is showsing how to pass the DLR guard in this fresh new clip.

Double under guard pass ‘The Warrior’s walk’- Saulo Ribeiro -

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Saulo Ribeiro shows Budo Jake the Warrior's Walk. this move is especially useful and pratcical when trying to pass the guard when you have a double under grip.

Double under pass + Submission

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A very simple yet effective way to pass the guard and connect a submission right away to finish the fight

Double Under Pass ➡ D’arce Choke

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Super sneaky combo!       Emborcada ➡ Triângulo de mão. . Double Under Pass ➡ D'arce Choke - - #jiu_jitsu_lifestyle #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #tatame #oss #bjjgirls #bjjkids #jiujitsu...

Double under pass and armless triangle – Budo Jake

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The double under pass is one of the most effective and powerful passes both with and without the gi. Heee Jake shows you the details of the pass and a clever submussion to catch your opponent if the pass is attempted ...

Double Under Pass to Kimura

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An ingenious way to complete the Double Under pass and transition right away to the Kimura

Double Under to Back to Rear Naked Choke- Carlos Maia

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  BJJ black belt, Carlos Maia shows a nice guard pass. Carlos Maia teaches at Carlos Maia BJJ Academy in Ljulbljana, Slovenia.

Double Underhook Lapel Pass to Back Take- Rodolfo Vieira

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Passing the guard and going for the back. Technique shown by Rodolfo Vieira, during a seminar held at Jiu Jitsu Accademia Kama, Italy.

Double Underhook Pass to Back Take/ Ezekiel- Rodolfo Vieira

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Passing the guard and taking the back. Technique shown by Rodolfo Vieira, during a seminar held here in Italy, at Accademia Kama.

Double-Under Guard Pass- Bernardo Faria

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Alliance black belt world champion, Bernardo Faria, while in New York City at the Marcelo Garcia Academy, teaches a move that immediately puts you into a good position when your opponent pulls guard. He creates a situ...

Loop Choke From Double Under Guard Pass – Relson Gracie

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Relson Gracie showed a really nice lethal Loop Choke From Double Under Guard Pass in a recently released clip.

Over Under Pass vs Butterfly Hooks

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Brandon Quick shows how to deal with an opponent who stretches you out in the Double Unders

Passing Guard with Knee on Biceps by Eduardo Telles

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Passing Guard with Knee on Biceps.

Slick DLR Double Under pass to Armbar- Scott Boudreau

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 Delariva double under armbar Scott Boudreau's been exploring and teaching students!       Delariva double under armbar I been exploring and teaching my students! #ossss @bjjdepot @fu...

Sneaky Omoplata setup from the Double Under Variation – Reginaldo Rocha

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   Reginaldo Rocha shows a sneaky omoplata variation you can go into from passing guard!     Técnica da semana. Borá trabalhar está variação da emborcada para o omoplata #northshorestyl...


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One of my favourites passes. And a pass that is taught very early on to my white belts. This video teaches some very basics with some simple ideas to be aware of so you can execute this effectively. Done correctly thi...

Transitions between Double Unders & Over Under

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Brandon Quick discussions the connection between Double Under & Over Under passes