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How To Kill The Rubber Guard- Garry Tonon

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HOW TO KILL THE RUBBER GUARD w/ Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon.

Renzo Gracie’s 100% Success Toe hold From Half guard

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At the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Seminar, Master Renzo Gracie showed one of his specialties: Toe Hold from half guard against the knee shield. Notice how important it is the block the lower leg. The Most Comprehensive C...

Foot Lock from the Half Guard – Edwin Najmi

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Edwin Najmi teaches a foot lock from the half guard in which he included a personal tweak.

Crazy & unique Stack Pass Submission

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Have you ever seen this one?

Pedro Sauer – Closed guard tricks and tips

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Considered one of the best instructors ever in BJJ, Pedro Sauer teaches you some tricks and tips to drastically improve yours and pass your opponent's guard. Learn To Dominate From The Most Dominant Bottom Position...

5 Essential Ways To Pass The Full Guard – Gamal Hassan (Evolve)

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Roger Gracie, Setting Up the Ezekiel Choke

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  In this video for Roger breaks down his secrets that set the World Championships on fire and how he either uses his gi chokes to pass the guard and get the mount or use the threat of ...

Rolling Honeyhole Entry – Garry Tonon

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   Interesting entry from Tonon's Polaris 4 match against Gilbert Durinho Burns       Thank you @bjjmojo for the share! @garrytonon watch this masterful rolling honey hole entry...

Invisible Toe Hold vs Knee Shield- Gustavo Ximu

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  Gustavo Ximu Machado, a 3rd degree BJJ black belt shows us a really sneaky and painful way of attacking your opponent's bottom foot from inside the knee shield. Your opponent will have to tap fast or suffer ...

Great way to shut down the Z guard – Tom DeBlass

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   Shut down your partners knee shield in z guard/half guard. This is a great way to get by your partners shield, give it a try you'll love it!!      

Marcelo Garcia – Half Guard Pass & Triangle from ADCC 2011

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Marcelo Garcia navigates through his Half Guard Pass and Triangle used to secure his 4th ADCC title in 2011.

How to BEAT the LOCKDOWN – Every Time!

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The Lockdown is an extremely effective technique. When you have a great lockdown on it presents major options for you and a lot of trouble for your opponent. But it can be beaten. And it's not that hard. Just a few tr...

Leandro Lo Style Active Posting – Stephan Kesting

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Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki show you how not to get swept in the guard using Leandro Lo style active posting

Rare Footage of Helio Gracie Teaching a BJJ Guard Pass

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Rare Footage of Helio Gracie teaching how to pass the opponent's guard.

The Easiest Guard Break in Jiu Jitsu? – Tom Davey

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I asked my professor and Coral belt legend...Carlos Machado, what was the best Guard Break in Jiu Jitsu - his answer was the Zombie Guard Break. Named because of the way you sway (like a zombie) during the guard break...

Half-Guard Pass – Terere

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Terere shows a cool way to pass half guard!

Jocko Willink showing a Simple but Effective Guard Pass

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Jocko Willink showing a Simple but Effective Guard Pass @jockowillink showing some great tips on fundamentals. Awesome stuff from the legend himself! #jocko #origin #originbjj #originmaine #spiderninja #b...

Over Under Pass By Jimmy Pedro

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Over Under Pass By Jimmy Pedro featuring Bernardo Faria

The ‘Mermaid’ Guard Pass | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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This is Nic's favorite guard pass at the moment, because when done correctly it totally locks down the opponent's legs and it extremely difficult to defend. The Most Comprehensive Course On Triangles Ever Created –...

Cracking Closed Guard in NoGI – Marcelo Garcia

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A lot of people struggle with opening up a closed guard in NoGi. Here's an approach that works exceptionally well and is slightly more elegant than you jamming your elbows into another person. Learn To Dominate Fro...

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Lasso Guard Pass

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Lasso Guard Pass

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