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Leandro Lo – Torreada Pass from BJJ Library Seminar

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    Leandro shows his world class Torreada guard passing system during this seminar for BJJ Library.

Rafael Lovato Jr – Side Smash Pass from BJJ Library Seminar

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  Rafael Lovato Jr presents the Side Smash Pass from Headquarters position. Get instant access to Rafael Lovato Jr's Seminar at: Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hos...

Passing De La Riva guard – Shawn Williams Part 1

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  Shawn Williams demonstrates his way of passing the De La Riva guard which can be one of the most frustrating guards out there. Part 1 of 2.  

Passing deep De La Riva guard – Shawn Williams PART 2

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  Shawn Williams demonstrates his way of passing the De La Riva guard which can be one of the most frustrating guards out there. This part is the escape from Deep de la riva guard. Part 2 of 2.

Berimbolo Counter with Reberimbolo Back Take – Xande Ribeiro

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    Xande Ribeiro teaches a berimbolo counter, using your opponent's berimbolo attempt to take their back instead. Get daily lessons from Saulo and Xande Ribeiro at Come train...

Berimbolo Defense with Gangster Crossface by Xande Ribeiro

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    Xande Ribeiro teaches a way to counter the berimbolo sweep with the gangster crossface. Check out for daily lessons from Xande and Saulo Ribeiro. Come train BJJ in San Dieg...

Shutting Down De La Riva/Berimbolo Counter- Marcelo Garcia

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    Back Step Reset vs De La Riva, Counter vs Berimbolo, Back Step Pass.

Xande Ribeiro on Guard Retention and Knee Cross, X Pass, Same Side Knee Pass Combos

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    Check out for full access to this seminar as well as daily lessons from the Ribeiro brothers and many other world champions! Xande covers advanced details on guard retentio...

Ricardo Vieira Guard Passing Concepts

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  Rico Vieira shares some guard passing concepts that can help to pass your opponent's guard. Get access to the full seminar at Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hostel:...

Power Knee Slice using Palm Down Grip with Xande Ribeiro

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    Xande teaches how to pass the guard with the power knee slice using the palm down grip. Get full access to the "Mastering the Knee Slice" series with Xande Ribeiro at:

Flattening to Pass the Half Guard by Xande Ribeiro

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    Follow 6-time black belt world champ, Xande Ribeiro as he teaches two ways to flatten your opponent in the half guard. How to flatten your opponent is an important concept to master to build a set ...

Wrist Lock from Closed Guard by Fabio Santos

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    This video is from Fabio Santos's Old School Secrets series at Fabio Santos is a 7th degree red and black belt and his gym is located in San Diego, CA. He was the first to op...

Rafael Mendes – Knee Slice Pass

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    Knee slice pass by Rafael Mendes 6 x World Champion Rafael Mendes teaching the knee slice pass from half guard at his Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy in Costa Mesa, CA.    

Wrecking Ball Pass – Keenan Cornelius

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    Great way to pass a spider guard.    

57 BJJ Guard Passing Techniques in Just 8 Minutes – Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: Guard passing (guard passes) should be approached, not as a defense to your opponents guard but as an attack on your opponents guard. If you're opponent is always defending then they don't have much o...

24 Gi Chokes in Less Than 5 Minutes- Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: In this video you'll video 24 Gi Choke techniques to help you get more ideas to expand you attacking game with the gi on. The great thing about the gi is that you can not only choke your opponent with th...

Opening Closed Guard from Knees Concepts – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully:¬†This video was highly request by a lot of my beginner BJJ subscribers, it talks about how I approach opening up the guard from the knees when I am on the ground and getting ready to attempt pas...

22 No Gi Grappling Top Position Combinations in Less Than 3 Minutes – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully: In this video you will see a demonstration of 22 no-gi combinations that you can do from various top control positions. Study them and get good at them. Combinations are what makes you a great ...

Berimbolo Counter Defense – Jason Scully

1.52K Views0 Comments - Ever since I started doing this berimbolo countered I have stopped and successfully counter most berimbolo attacks that I have come across. Hope it helps.

The Knee Wedge Guard Break – David Avellan

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  Check out - where to watch MMA online and learn martial arts at home with more free videos, techniques, diet, and MMA tips.

Step Around Pass To Inverted Triangle: Braulio Estima

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