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Yuri Simoes – Baloon sweep

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Check out Yuri Simoes show the balloon sweep to load your opponent and finish with an arm bar in a self defense situation.

X Guard to Triangle Choke Tutorial

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Marcelinho Tavares, BJJ Black Belt shows a tutorial on one of his favorite ways to transition from the X guard to a Triangle Choke in BJJ

X Guard to Toe Hold- Thiago Sa

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Technique from Jiu-Jitsu Magazine Issue 34 July 2015

X Guard to Kneebar- Thiago Sa

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Technique from Jiu-Jitsu Magazine Issue 34 July 2015

X Guard Sweep – Xavier Sales

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Xavier Sales shows us a sweep from the X Guard leading up to a straight ankle lock

Wrist Locks from Closed Guard- Claudio Calasans

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If you want to be a great Brazilian Jiu Jitu fighter, you need to seek for a submission all the time. So learn how the Two Times Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion Claudio Calasans take by surprise his opponents with 5 diff...

Wrist Locks from Closed Guard

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For more go to: VT-1 Gym in Chatswood, Sydney have a new group of Critical BJJ Technique videos on wrist locks. In the videos we show a series of wrist locks that you can use in combinations from...

Worm guard triangle

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Sweep and submit with a Triangle choke from the Worm Guard.

Williams Guard Omoplata Move To Immobilize Any Opponent

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A very strong setup to the Omoplata which is very hard to escape

What to do when stacked while attempting the triangle

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Know exactly what to do when you go for a triangle and your opponent tries to stack you.

What can you do with a closed guard overhook? – Sasser

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Armbar 1: 0:20 / Armbar 2: 3:00 / Shoulder Lock: 4:45 Professor Mark Sausser, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu A lifelong competitor, Mark started training in the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in 2002. He wa...

Vinny Magalhaes and his rubber guard, setting up and defending the triangle

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Vinny Magalhaes takes us through his rubber guard, triangle set up and defense.

Victor Estima – Lapel control to Omoplata

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Victor Estima shows how to avoid a guard pass, control the lapel and end up submitting by Omoplata.

Very Simple And Efficient Armbar From BJJ Closed Guard

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Very Simple And Efficient Armbar From BJJ Closed Guard by Giancarlo Bodoni.

Vaporizer leg lock from half guard- Eddie Bravo

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  Leg lock setup using the half guard lockdown, on Joanne of MMA Girls

Ude Garame variation – Sensei Sadao

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Sensei Sadao explains in great detail how to finish the Ude Garame.

Two Attacks from Closed Guard that Everyone Should Know

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We have guest instructor, Blair Turton, with us today. Blair is going to show us two simple and highly functional attacks from Closed Guard. The first technique is the Triangle Choke and the second is a Reverse Sciss...

Triple Cheese Choke

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When it comes to playing guard big guys often find themselves frustrated and limited to their attack because of a 'lack of mobility'.  Kevin Roginski shares with us a high percentage weapon in his 'fat guy' guard, the...

Tricky Transition to a Bicep Slicer

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A submission which is very hard to see it coming and very painful when properly applied

Triangle Variation from Guard- Bruno Alves

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Take a look at this awesome JiuJitsu technique from Professor Bruno Alves and Coach Chris Sales at Gracie Barra Black Town, Australia.

Triangle to Baratoplata from Closed Guard

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