Knee shield

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2 on 1 from Knee Shield by Bernardo Faria

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2 on 1 from Knee Shield by Bernardo Faria

2 Set Ups to Half Guard Rollover Sweep – Gile Huni

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From 1rst degree BJJ black belt Gile Huni, editor of and instructor Kimura BJJ in Belgrade, Serbia: "In this video I'm explaining 2 set ups to the half guard rollover sweep that I do very often in competi...

3 Loop Choke Rules of Thumb for the Sneaky and Devious

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  These 3 rules of thumb for the loop choke have significantly made my attack better. If you understand them, not only will it give you better success with finishing the choke, but you'll also start to see mor...

Annoying Grip to Frustrate Knee Shield / Half Guard Players – Nick Albin

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The Half Guard in BJJ can present a formidable platform to launch a Guard pass from. However, over the years with all the innovations in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The same position that also allows these Guard passes also ...

Attacks from knee shield halfguard

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Knee shield half guard: In this video we go through couple of effective sweeps and a defence against ankle lock.

Back take from Back step Counter by Matheus Gonzaga

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Learn to take the back and finish from EVERYWHERE with rising BJJ star, Matheus Gonzaga Discover elite level methods to take the back and finish that aren’t on your radar yet.

Baiting Opponent Into Z Guard by Craig Jones

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  This video shows Craig Jones using set ups and bait to get into his Z guard. To learn more about Craig's infamous Z Guard check out his new DVD Set "The Z Guard Encyclopedia"  

Choi Bar from Z-Guard- Craig Jones

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Absolute MMA St Kilda Coach and EBI Semi-Finalist Craig Jones demonstrates a technique from his new 'Z-Guard Masterclass' (with Kit Dale).

Choi-Bar from Z Guard by Craig Jones

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  Craig Jones shows a wicked modified arm bar called the Choi Bar from his signature Z Guard.

Craig Jones – Z-Half Guard Armbar (Bringing Leg Over The Head)

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Craig Jones - Z-Half Guard Armbar (Bringing Leg Over The Head).

Craig Jones (Team Polaris) Z-Guard Kneebar At Sakuraba Quintet1

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  Craig Jones Quintet kneebar Entry BreakDown, Craig Jones BJJ, Sakuraba Quintet1, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Cross Collar Knee Shield to Choke by Tom DeBlass

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3X ADCC trials champion, and world renowned BJJ instructor Tom DeBlass is back with his Half Guard Domination in the Gi.  USE PROMO CODE "BJJEE TO GET 10% OFF.  

Cross Knee Defense Near Shoulder Pressure By Xande Ribeiro

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Stay safe and always keep your guard with Xande Ribiero’s revolutionary diamond concept of defense. Learn Xande’s diamond concept that lets him defend, escape, and reguard against the best in the world - everyon...

Frustrate Tight Compact BJJ Guard Passers with Knee Shield – Nick Albin

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Being an tall lanky Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner can be a blessing. But it can also seem somewhat of a curse when you go against a more compact BJJ guard passer / wrestler type who knows how to tuck their body int...

Half Guard Knee Shield Sweep- Michael Liera Jr

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Michael Liera Jr. shows a nice sweep from half guard that he used on his way to becoming 2014 Jiu-Jitsu World Champion at Brown Belt.

Half Guard/ Knee Shield Sweep – João Chiozzi

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João Chiozzi shows how to effectively sweep from the Knee Shield position

Inverted Traingle From A Knee Shield Guard – Marcio “Gracinha” Cesar

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This technique is demonstrated by third degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Marcio "Gracinha" Cesar. He shows how to submit your opponent with an inverted triangle from a knee shield guard.

Keenan Cornelius – Flavio Canto Choke

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An amazingly strong and tight choke you should definitely add to your submission game

Knee Shield Basics by Bernardo Faria

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Bernardo Faria is a 5x Black Belt World Champion. He's also quite adept with Knee Shield Basics as seen in the latest clip just uploaded by the champ himself

Knee Shield Coin Sweep by Marcus Buchecha

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Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida Shares With BJJ Fanatics His Complete Library of His Best Position: Half Guard. Learn the complete half guard system of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.

Knee Shield Half-Guard Basics

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to set up your Knee Shield Half-Guard and how to position yourself in relation to your opponent so you don't get crushed!

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