Knee cut/slide

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Tom DeBlass: Dealing with opponent’s knee slice pass

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Tom DeBlass: Dealing with opponent's knee slice pass.

Knee Slice Pass & Combos – Gustavo Gasperin

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Gustavo Gasperin explains how to combo the Knee Slice Pass with the X-Pass and Smash Pass.

Knee slide pass counter

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Amazing sweep to counter the knee slide pass.

Knee slide pass counter to Brabo choke

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An interesting way to counter the Knee slice pass and submit with a Brabo choke

Knee Slice Counter To Back Take- Lucas Leite

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In this video Lucas demonstrates how to counter your opponent's knee slice attempt to pass, to a debilitating half guard sweep and then taking the back. Assisting him is his brown belt, Patricia Fontes. For more in...

Knee Slide Defense to Darce~ Rubens Cobrinha

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Leap Trap Against Knee Cut by Eduardo Telles

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Eduardo Telles is one of the living legends in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he has been at the top of the sport for nearly 2 decades. This is a technique from his new DVD Set, "Turtle Guard Revisited." For more from Edu...

Attacks from knee shield halfguard

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Knee shield half guard: In this video we go through couple of effective sweeps and a defence against ankle lock.

Dealing with the knee cut/slide pass (Early Stage)

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Guard maintenance: dealing with the knee cut pass

Darce vs Knee Slice Pass- Jeff Glover

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Nice counter move by Jeff Glover vs the knee slice pass.

Knee cut/slide pass counter to brabo choke (shooting underneath)

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Knee cut/slide pass counter to brabo choke (shooting underneath).

Defense against the knee cut pass (Late Stage)

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Defense against the knee cut pass (Late Stage)

Trap against the Knee-slicing Pass – Christian Uflacker

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Uflacker shows how to use the DLR to surprise an opponent who’s trying to reach side control with the knee slice.