De la Riva

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Fabio Negao – Sweep from the De la Riva

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Fabio Negao showed the BJJCLUB two different sweeps from the De la Riva which you can decide which one to use according to your opponent's reaction

Dela Riva Balloon Sweep to S Mount Armbar – Josh Mancuso

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Josh Mancuso of Modern Jiu Jitsu shows another solid combo

Ricardo de la Riva on creation of DLR hook & historic roll with Murilo Bustamante

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Ricardo de la Riva on creation of DLR hook, historic roll with Murilo Bustamante

Countering the Step Over Pass with a Back Take

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Find out how to counter the Stepover Pass with a Back take from the bottom De la Riva

Reverse Dela Riva Guard Sweep into Leg Drag Guard Pass

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This video is a breakdown of a sweep from Reverse Dela Riva Guard that takes you immediately into the Leg Drag position to finish the sweep as a Guard Pass.

Advanced De La Riva Guard Retention & ArmBar Finish – Gabriel Arges

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Here is an advanced position for Guard Retention when you play De La Riva Guard. The armbar finish comes straight after the moment you reset your guard from the opponent’s attempt to pass.

Reverse DLR Transition to Back Control (Kiss of the Dragon)- Alex Martins (AMBJJ)

1.31K Views0 Comments - This video filmed by Mike Calimbas and TXMMA staff for Visit us on Facebook at View complete event galleries and order prints from all these events on htt...

Renzo Teaches an Overhead Sweep from the DLR guard

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Renzo Gracie uses the cogs of the DLR guard to surprise the passer with a lob sweep, finishing the motion on the mount. Watch the video and then visit to get access to the entirety of ...

A Grip-Based Framework for the de la Riva Guard – Stephan Kesting

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The four and a half fundamental grips for the de la Riva guard, and how they determine which techniques and combinations you're going to use. Also check out The First Sweep You Should Go for from de la Riva Guard:

Stop the knee cut from de la Riva- the “de la stamp”

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Stop the knee cut from de la Riva with one One SIMPLE trick...the "de la stamp"

BJJ Scout: Gabriel Arges Gi Leglocks Study

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BJJ Scout just released his latest study - it covers Gabriel Arges Gi Leglocks!

Cobrinha – Tomoe Nage Sweep to Cross Choke

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Cobrinha, the legend, shows a De La Riva sweep that goes into a cross choke.

Sweep from Delariva to Side / Arm-Bar / Triangle Combo!

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An amazing combination of moves you must try!

De La Riva Sweep Chain & Back Take

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to sweep your opponent when he is standing up, using the De La Riva Guard.

De La Riva Sweep To Back Take

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Almir Junior shows an effective De La Riva Sweep to Back Take

Omoplata Armbar from de la Riva by Santeri Lilius

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Santeri Lilius & Emilia Tuukkanen are showing a very fast and effective Omoplata Armlock Santeri is sponsored by Gameness brand, Total Shop and Fine Fruits Company and teachs at Roger Gracie´s Academy in Malaga...

Sweep and Breaking the De la Riva Guard – Jonathan Wertz

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Gustavo Machado’s first student in the US, Jonathan Wertz shows how to Sweep and also break the De la Riva Guard

De La Riva Ankle Pick – Gianni Grippo

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Gianni Grippo's pursuit for perfection serves as the catalyst that will help transform the Jiu Jitsu scene for generations to come. In his first feature length instructional, this extraordinary athlete and 4x IBJJF Wo...

Ricardo Liborio BJJ Tip of the Month: Kneebar from De La Riva

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Someone trying to get out of your De La Riva guard? No problem -- slip into a kneebar, as shown here by Master Ricardo Liborio. He explains the setup and steps for this move. Remember, when drilling the kneebar with a...

De La Riva Guard Back Take | Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

BJJScout Releases Video On Leandro Lo’s DLR Counter Innovations

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BJJ Scout releases a redux of the Leandro Lo De La riva Counters

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