Closed Guard

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Two Attacks from Closed Guard that Everyone Should Know

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We have guest instructor, Blair Turton, with us today. Blair is going to show us two simple and highly functional attacks from Closed Guard. The first technique is the Triangle Choke and the second is a Reverse Sciss...

Carlson Gracie shows a Nice Triangle Set Up

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  Master Carlson Gracie teaching a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Joao Crus Brazilian Jiu-Jisu in Dripping Springs Texas, with his student Joao Crus,on December 2005. It was his last seminar, he was 72 years o...

Andre Galvao – Triangle/Omoplata seminar

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Learn with the best! Andre Galvao in great detail about the Triangle and the Omoplata.

Michael Liera Jr. Taking the Back from Closed Guard

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Michael Liera Jr. Taking the Back from Closed Guard

Roger Gracie’s Back Takes from Closed Guard- Dan Lukehart

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Dan Lukehart (now a BJJ black belt and instructor at Brea Jiu-Jitsu) does an amazing job analysing Roger Gracie's game!

Closed guard sweep

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Amazingly effective sweep from the closed guard.

How to lose friends: Wristlocks from closed guard

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Wrist locks From closed guard by Kent Peters.

Flower Sweep To Armbar

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Tested and tried in competition the Flower sweep is one of the most effective sweeps from the Closed Guard. You can easily connect an Armbar after performing it

Kimura & Sweep Combo When They Link Their Arms

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Gile Huni of Kimura Bjj Serbia shows a sweep or Kimura lock against the bodylock in closed guard. You have to put the opponent's arms under your their butt, removing all power. When they defend the sweep by posting th...

Transitioning From Open Guard To Rubber Guard – Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Walk the Dog Sweep: Limb Attrition Attack from Guard

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Keith Owen, 3rd degree black belt under Master Pedro Sauer shows you the Walk the dog sweep

Closed guard attack off two on one to drag – Dan Covel

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 Dan Covel's technique of the week is Closed guard attack off two on one to drag, to bridge to far side inverted to near side arm over armlock.       Technique Thursday: closed guard ...

Lasso Sweep variations from Closed guard- Gabriel Rainho

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Gabriel Rainho, Head instructor of GFTEAM London shows how to do a few variations of the lasso sweep.

38 Closed Guard BJJ Combinations Everyone Should Know in 4 Minutes – Jason Scully

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  Just like any other position the closed guard is extremely effective if you know what to go for. By knowing core combinations you will be set up much better to attack your opponent at a faster pace and have ...

Basic Kimura from Closed Guard

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Kimura is one of the most basic techniques in JiuJitsu and it is also one of the most effective

Collar and Shin Triangle – Shin over the Arm by Giancarlo Bodoni

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Giancarlo Bodoni demonstrates the Collar and Shin Triangle. Giancarlo Bodoni is an IBJJF Adult Brown Belt No Gi World Champion, Lucas Lepri Brown Belt, YouTube instructor and sought after BJJ Fanatics instructor. ...

Gilbert Burns and Claudio Calasans – Omoplata

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UFC Lightweight Gilbert "Durinho" Burns demonstrates how to perform one of his favorite submission setups for Jiu-Jitsu and MMA with the help of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu world Champion Claudio Calasans.

Hip Bump Sweep To Rolling Armbar

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Hip Bump Sweep To Rolling Armbar.

Sneaky triangle set up – Mike Bidwell

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Sneaky little triangle set up using the feet to trap the arm from Mike Bidwell       Sneaky little triangle set up using the feet to trap the arm. Enjoy your fourth! #ninjastyle #ninjast...

Closed guard sweep with a variation to the Armlock

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Ricardo de La Riva shows a closed guard sweep with a variation to the Armlock

Alternative armbar from guard

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Try this second option of an Armbar when your opponent defends your initial Armbar from the guard attack.

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