Butterfly/ Open guard

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Setting Up Butterfly Guard by Saulo Ribeiro

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    Saulo Ribeiro shows how to set up the butterfly guard and the grips used. Go to http://bjjlibrary.com/ for more online training videos by Saulo Ribeiro and Xande Ribeiro including the Jiu Jitsu ...

Jeff Glover – Torreando Counter with Arm Drag or Rollover Sweep (BJJ Library Seminar)

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  Jeff Glover teaches a neat way to counter the torreando pass with an arm drag or rollover sweep. Get full access to Jeff Glover's seminar at: http://jeffgloverdeephalf.com/ Come train BJJ in San Diego an...

37 Omoplata Set Ups In Just 4 Min – Jason Scully

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  http://www.GrapplersGuide.com - http://www.Aesopian.com - For this newest reference video we have a collaboration between BJJ Black Belt Jason Scully (GrapplersGuide.com) and BJJ Black Belt Matt Kirtley (Aes...

Guard Retention Concepts For Grapplers – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully: I really believe the simple concepts here will clear up a lot of peoples minds in regards to mindset related to guard retention. BJJ System Outline – http://www.GrapplersGuide.com

Kimura Trap: Kimura Lock Down – David Avellan

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  Go to http://www.KimuraTrap.com for more videos! Never Fear Wrestlers Again! This Revolutionary Kimura Submission System Will Stop Every Shot And Have You Winning Every Scramble Using A Basic Submission Hold...

Inverted Triangle – Braulio Estima

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  The 'infamous' inverted triangle with Braulio Estima. Filmed by CageFilm

Andre Galvao, Butterfly Guard Sweep

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Setting Up the Straight Foot-Lock | Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood

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  The straight foot-lock is an often overlooked attack in jiu jitsu. This is a high-percentage set-up for the technique from the butterfly guard position, taught by Roger Gracie black belt Nicolas Gregoriades....

Keenan Cornelius: Advanced Spinning Armbar from Guard

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  Keenan Cornelius breaks down an advanced spinning armbar combination he used to submit Lucas Leite at the 2013 BJJ Expo.

Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu – Tornado Guard

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These are a series of clips from the Tornado Guard Volume from Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu's, Cyborg Guard Collection.

Arm Drag from Butterfly Guard – Marcelo Garcia

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  From the man that introduced the Arm Drag to the Jiu-Jitsu world, Marcelo Garcia, comes this gem for the Kimono on his famous Arm Drag technique!

Arm Drag to Butterfly Sweep – Marcelo Garcia

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Omoplata from Guard- Demian Maia

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  Demian Maia, World's and ADCC Champion and up-and-coming UFC contender, blows the roof off traditional instructional methods by showing how the concepts of leverage and body mechanics can be used to gain an ...

How to use the Butterfly Guard to Sweep a Bigger, Stronger Opponent

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  How to use the seated guard (aka butterfly guard) to sweep a bigger opponent. From the 'Compensating for Strength' app for iOS and Android available at: http://www.grapplearts.com/Blog/compe...

Butterfly Guard: the 3 Most Common Errors

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  When most people start using the Butterfly Guard in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and/or submission grappling, they make one or all of these 3 mistakes. The first mistake in the Butterfly Guard is to lie flat...

Triangle Choke Setup from Open Guard | Yuri Simoes | Jits Magazine

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  No Gi world champ Yuri Simoes shows a clever triangle setup from open guard. Enjoy!

Adem Redzovic’s “Open Guard Translated”

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Shin to Shin Guard into Sweep / Footlock | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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Roger Gracie Black Belts Oliver Geddes and Nic Gregoriades show a competition-proven attack combination. Check out Nic’s new website BJJ Building Blocks.  

Open Guard Concepts part 1- Leo Neves

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Checkmat's Leo Neves shows some important concepts and 3 very good sweeps while playing open guard. This was filmed during his recent seminar in Serbia.

Shin to Shin Guard Sweep with Marco Canha

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Check out Marco Canha's second sweep in his shin to shin guard series. Marco is a black belt under Ricardo Vieira and head coach at FightZone London. Visit http://www.bjjstyle.com/ for details on how to pick up our ma...

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